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frequently asked questions

How will semifinalists be selected?

All teams that are ranked in top 10 by the community votes in each of the three competitions OR receive the total score of 60 and higher (out of 100 possible) by expert judges will advance to the Semi-Finals with no limit as to how many teams can proceed.

When and how will I know if my team makes it to the Semi-Finals?

The results will be announced on March 20, 2013. All participating teams will receive a notice about their team’s status.

What happens to our project room in the Semi-Finals?

Project rooms of all teams will remain unchanged. Qualified teams can keep on using the same project room to work on their new solution.

What happens to our First Round solution in the Semi-Finals?

All solutions will remain posted on the website. Qualified team will be able to post a new solution for the Semi-Finals, but your previous solution will still remain accessible (though non-editable).

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