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frequently asked questions

What should the submission include in First Round and Semifinals?

You will receive more detailed submission requirements and judging criteria in your project room at the start of each round.

What do we have to include in our solution?

For the First Round, your solution will have to include the Presentation, Title and Abstract. For detailed information please check 1st Round Guidelines in your Project Room.

What language should our solution be written in?

All submitted solutions must be in English.

How can my team post our solution to the challenge?

Only the team’s creator has the ability to post your team’s solution. If you’re the creator of a team, you can post your team’s solution by clicking on the Post our final solution button in your team’s project room.

Can I edit my team’s solution after I post it?

Yes, as a team creator you can edit your solution posted in the First Round between February 18, 2013 at 16:00 CET till February 27, 2013 at 14:00 CET. You can edit your solution from your team’s profile page or your team’s project room. It is not possible to edit posted solutions in other competition rounds.

When should we post our solution?

Please check the timeline for the period of posting your solution. But we strongly advise not to wait until the last 3 hours of submission time due to heavy Internet traffic. Also, we advise you to submit the First Round solution early so that you can get feedback form the community and edit your idea by the submission end date.

How will solutions be graded?

Once the competition phase closes, your solution’s public information (e.g. for the First Round it is title and presentation) will be voted on by registered C:F users. Your full solution will also be reviewed by expert judges according to judging criteria in each round. Top 10 solutions by number of votes and all teams that receive minimum 60/100 points by expert judges will advance to next round.

Who can comment on our submission?

Registered C:F users will be able to comment on your submission. You and your teammates can reward good comments by marking them as helpful and by this you will also receive sparks. After the voting phase ends, you will also be able to see feedback provided by the judges in your project room.

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