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C:F Summit 2012 overview

The Challenge:Future Summit 2012 has been a truly inspiring and magical experience. The intensity of positive thoughts, feelings and emotions exceeded our expectations.

Under the patronage of UNESCO and The President of Slovenia, a group of 80 exceptional individuals under the age of 30 came together with educators, business and political leaders to explore the global agenda and share their solutions at the Challenge:Future Summit 2012, held at IEDC-Bled School of Management in Bled, Slovenia from March 16th to 22nd, 2012.

Under the theme of Towards Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Future, The Summit brought together the best of C:F youth community, hosted the Grand Finals of the C:F Competition 2011-12, and served as the pinnacle of all activities and projects of the Challenge:Future global youth think-tank in 2011-12, whereby more than 24,500 youth from 213 countries and territories, created 1.469 innovative ideas, invested 210,000 volunteering hours into their implementation, and improved lives of 270,000 children, youth, and adults worldwide.

The Summit consisted of five interconnected events:

C:F Academy 2012

C:F Academy, 16-20 March 2012 – Four extraordinary days where a number of creative and engaging activities have been designed by a powerful consortium of youth, business leaders, educators, and innovators. From Appreciative Inquiry, You as a Brand and Embedded Sustainability sessions by Dr. Nadya Zhexembayeva and Innovation Communication as an Enabler of a Sustainable Ecosystem by Ms. Violeta Bulc to Social Entrepreneurship – Building our Future: The Power of Social Enterprise by Dr. Maximilian Martin and Creative Thinking by Ms. Nastja Mulej.

All culminating with C:F Competition 2011/12 Grand Award Contenders presentations in front of the Expert Judging Panel All of this spiced up with cultural nights, Discover Bled outdoor sessions and social events. Fun and meaning at home.

C:F Youth Forum 2012

C:F Youth Forum, 18 March 2012 – It has been a special day. There are some moments in life worth remembering over the years. And TEDxBled was one of them. There was something special in the air around this event. Maybe speakers passion and authenticity, achievements, determination and will to share their dreams as well as their failures, hard times and vulnerable side. Ten speakers from 8 countries and 6 continents came together to Inspire.Change.Impact. On 18 March 2012 in Bled, Slovenia, the magic happened. From Impact through board games, ground-up innovation and change with 7 dollars and 43 cents to stopping brain drain and helping children in India. This has been the magic of TEDxBled! (Photos) (Videos)

After the great event of TEDxBled we got a glimpse of a Life in your living room session: Join the circle of life music, a moment where all our passions and feelings came together with life music played by the one and only Emma Mastad.

C:F Educators Forum 2012

C:F Educators Forum, 19-21 March 2012, an event organized in partnership with UNESCO, CEEMAN and IEDC Bled School of Management. It brought together top educators and youth in an attempt to answer which new competencies are needed in the new economy and the real issues of sustainable development: self-limitation and powering innovation on campus and beyond.

C:F Business Forum 2012

C:F Business Forum, 20 March 2012 – Next Challenges for Next Champions, in association with Managers Association of Slovenia

We live in a time of challenges and in the time of paradigm shifts. Not everyone can formulate successful new paradigms. But all of us can be more open to looking for the changes, exploring them for their implications, and creating a supporting climate for the attempts. C:F Business Forum has been a special event focused on the trends, challenges and ideas that will shape the future and about the next Champions in the age of the limits of the growth.

C:F Gala event 2012

C:F Gala event, 21 March 2012The last day of C:F Summit was full of mixed feelings. A little bit of last-day-sadness mixed with excitement and uncertainty (we were all wondering who will be the winners of EUR 20.000 Grand Award). Drops of happiness on all our faces, for meeting each other and finding inspiration for future projects. Lively mood mixed with the need for serious and respectful behaviour - because ambassadors, partners, business experts as well as the President of Slovenia were there.

Panel discussion hosted by our amazing Nadya Zhexembayeva brought a lot of insights from experts and leaders. Riccardo Illy, President of Gruppo Illy, Donald J. Johnston, former OECD Secretary-General, together with Jovana Djurkovic, chosen by the youth to be a gala speaker, gave interesting comments and views on what the present is and what future shall be.

And finally, a moment long waited for by so many of us: announcing the C:F Main Competition 2011/12 Grand Award Winners. It has been a great moment, filled in with emotions and joy. Who got the prize? Read more.

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