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My best #fail story
of the year 2013
My best #fail story

Understanding failure as an opportunity for progress


At C:F Summit 2013 our dear partner from Singapore Lai Hock Tay said “It isn't failure that hurts us the most. Fear of failure does the greatest damage!”. 

So true, isn’t it? We all know that failing after action is part of the process and there is no better teacher than failure.  It certainly takes courage to be able to get to that honest place where we can admit, “I failed,” and learn from it. But failure is married with fear, they both come in the same package. If we decide to protect our current status, against change, it’s basically because of fear. After overcoming fear we embrace change and start a process of learning something new. Failure often happens and that feeling could push us back into our protective shells. In the contrary case, when we see failure as part of the process, as a GPS change of route, is precisely when the learning process take effect and the possibility of achievement gets closer.

Talking about fear and failure isn’t enough. Learning from failure is actually inevitable. The most important challenge is to understand fear and failure as the path to progress. Sharing stories offers the potential of building a community more open to entrepreneurial activities and can effectively encourage risk, change and responsibility. Fear and failure are personal and communitarian.

Small fears and big fears exist. Small ones, like contacting new people, or big ones as changing a career path. Acknowledging the importance and effects is essential.

Here yet another challenge for you: are you ready to share with the world some of your own stories of failure? 

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5th March, 2014 @ 12:00 PM CEST

winner announced

21st March 2013 @ 5.00 PM CEST

  • C:F members
  • Any age
  • Student status not required

Three (3) WINNERS will receive special award, a three months mentorship, one hour per month over Skype or any other agreed form of communication from the following mentors:

Jose Antionio Morales; Chief Failure Officer at The Fail and Fear Conferences and founder of

Dr. Jaro Berce, associate professor and author of Leadership by Virtue;

Hayley Lapalme, expert on outstanding leadership & facilitation within and across cultures, C:F Youth Advisory Board

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