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Astonishing sLOVEnia
Old stories 4 new adventures
Astonishing sLOVEnia

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Slovenian Tourism Board and Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia invite you to design your own tourist experience, a tourist product and/or related marketing activities for selected Slovene tourist destinations and win great awards such as C:F Academy & Summit Scholarships and many other awards.

Yes, Slovenia, with its astonishing places will be the destination partner of C:F Academy and Summit 2012! Therefore, we are inviting you to discover its immense natural and historic beauty before coming to join us for the Summit. You can imagine and create touristic products for new adventures based on selected “old stories” and legends of four selected destinations in Slovenia:

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challenge closed

12th December, 2011 @ 11:59 PM CEST

winner announced

18th January 2012


1st place - fully paid scholarships for attending C:F Academy and Summit 2012 in Slovenia. The estimated amount of scholarship is EUR 2.500 (covering travel costs from your international airport, local transport, accommodation, meals and all programs)

2nd place – participation at the challengefuture Summit 2012 (accommodation, program and up to 400 EUR for travel costs)

3rd place - participation at the challengefuture Summit 2012 (accommodation, program and up to 200 EUR for travel costs)

Speaking opportunities at prominent events:

• 3 x C:F Academy

  • C:F members 18-30 years old. Student status is not required.
  • You can participate individually and/or in the team but award is only for one person; multiple participations are accepted
  • All team members must be registered on C:F platform
  • The C:F member who submits the idea is recognized as the team leader
Bled stories
Maribor stories
Ptuj stories
Solčavsko stories
resources - website

The resources (links) in the box should help you find more information about Slovenia. So, don't worry if you haven't visited Slovenia yet. Imagination and creativity are the ones that matter.

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