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This time, we have raised the stakes on our Quick Challenge - the objective is more demanding and the prize is more alluring than any Quick Challenge there ever was! You definitely want to bring your A game to showcase just how creative you are!

Here is what you need to do:

In a few words, name a unique title for next year's challenge. (For example, this year, we have "Eat that Carrot", "What's the Buzz"...)
You also need to describe what the theme of the challenge is. The theme you propose should be different from the 6 we have this year (communication, health, media..).

And here is a twist! We are not offering any gifts for the winners of this Quick Challenge! Not at all!

Instead, the top three vote-getters of this challenge will be invited to become "C:F YOUTH ADVISORY BOARD" for a whole year! What's more, your suggestion might become an actual challenge theme next year. Now that's a mighty powerful "inside scope" that'll put you ahead for next year's competition!

Excited to get started? Wait, before you do, read some other necessary details about  this Quick Challenge:

1. The contest deadline is February 2nd, 2010 at 5pm CEST;
2. Extra sparks will be given to the winners and to all contestants;
3. The title and the theme of the challenge must be your original idea.
4. All C:F members can vote. You are more than welcomed to invite others outside of the C:F community to vote for you. Please note that we are wary of votes from the same IP.

Image Credit: Oberazzi

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challenge ended

2nd February, 2010

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