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 I give you this medal

In our My best advice to you for 2015 quick challenge we had 7 amazing winners

One of them, Barbara Babic from Croatia inspired us with her TIP and therefor we have decided to bring on another community-brought challenge, whereас also only community members will be the judges. Barbara’s tip says: 

“Just take a minute and think about all the people in your life. And now be honest and tell me when was the last time you have them some kind of recognition?When was the last time you said THANK YOU BROTHER/SISTER to be always here for me? When was the last time you said THANK YOU MOM/DAD for your sacrifice? When was the last time you said THANK YOU to my dear FRIEND for all the times you made me laugh? The truth is that we are so concentrated on ourselves , on what we need and what we want that we are taking for granted the people in our lives.If you agree with me (and probably you do) means that is time to give them some RECOGNITION! So, let’s take part of the project “I give you this medal as a sign” and make your medal for someone special!”

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15th April, 2015

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21 April, 2015

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