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I HEART my community

I HEART my community

What would it be? The one thing you would do this Christmas season for someone in your local community? It is something you want to do straight from the heart. You have personally had a joyful year. You have survived and you have lived. You are grateful for yet another year with new memories, either good or bad; new joys and sorrows, new failures and new success. What’s better now than closing the circle with a small gesture of kindness? Heart your community calls you to make a small action to purify your sadness or further bliss your joy. Think of a kind gesture you would like to do for someone you see in need on your street, or to a family that needs little help, or simply to someone you are grateful and you want to pay them forward. 

The more people you touch with your gesture the merrier!

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21st January, 2015

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28 January, 2015

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