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Mission Possible

Poverty. High heels. Blisters. War. Electricity cables…The world we live in, here and now, is facing many problems, injustices, limits. They are all around us - at home, school, local community, country, all around the globe. Now, imagine that you have the power to change one thing. Show us what it is that you wish to be different in the future!

Quick Challenge invites you to make a short video of any current issue that you would like to challenge and change. Tell the world why this issue troubles you and show us how the world can be better place when this issue no longer exists or will be changed in the future. It doesn’t matter if your idea is big or small, conservative or daring, local or global,  you will for sure find resonance from peers on Challenge:Future who share your concern. Also, let Challenge:Future be a medium for you to raise awareness of this issue. Together we can make your vision for the future Mission Possible. And who knows, maybe you will »be the change you want to see in the world« as Ghandi adviced us many years ago!

Our quick challenge starts on Oct 16, 2009 and will last till Nov 3, 2009. Submit your video before the deadline for a chance to win great prizes and gain extra sparks! There are no rules for the style and content of your video, make it as funky or unconventional you’d like! However, keep in mind that your video should be:

•    not longer than 3 minutes long
•    your original work
•    respectful and suitable for the general public

Submitting a video is easy. Simply click on “Post Idea” icon on the top right side to upload your video. The winners of this challenge will be decided by community voting. The top three contents with the most votes will receive an Amazon prepayed gift card of 50 EUR, 30 EUR and 20 EUR. Extra sparks will be given to the winners and to all contenstants as well. All registered members of Challenge:Future can vote. You can also invite others outside Challenge:Future community to view your videos on the Quick Challenge page.

Make the problems visible, start the change!

Image Credit: prakhar

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challenge ended

3rd November, 2009

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