Challenge:Futurenewsletter 12dn December 2014

Dear CF-ers.
It’s time we grow happiness in our communities! For happy holidays ahead, here are two quick challenges in (y)our hands:

Take “My best advice to you for 2015!” Quick Expert Challenge

Let’s make 2015 a very special year! It is now your CHANCE and turn to share THE career advice for your peers and get publicity worldwide. So, what knowledge, advice or encouragement would you give to CF-ers to ignite their growth, projects or even employment? All TOP submissions selected by judges will get published as Growr Career Tip of the week with a reach of 10.000 people.

Take the challenge HERE

“I HEART my community” Christmas challenge

There is nothing better than closing the circle of the year with a small gesture of kindness. In the spirit of holidays, here is a challenge for you: listen deeply to your heart and see to whom you would like to bring a small joy this Christmas season? The more people you decide to touch with your gesture, the merrier!

Let’s have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See challenge and prizes HERE

Recommend a book for your peers!

Re-reading will always supply you with the skillfulness to always look for the deeper, hidden meanings in books, texts, people. What would you personally re-read in this holiday season and what would you recommend your C:F peers to check for reading as well?

We are creating a virtual database of books recommendation HERE


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