Challenge:Futurenewsletter 6th March 2014

Win a scholarship to attend a summer school in Bled, Slovenia!

DMP challenge is closing at the end of this month! Have your say on moral underpinnings of capitalism by putting your words and thoughts in 10 slides, and win a scholarship to attend an awesome summer school in Slovenia’s one and only Bled.

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Navigate yourself with ease around Growr

Read here (hyperlink to Orientate with ease around Growr) with ease some quick tips and tricks on how to navigate yourself around CF’s on-line peer-to-peer mentorship platform. Find your mentor with whom you can grow and nurture new knowledge and practical skills that will help you be one step closer to your dream job.

Celebrating Earth Day: Samsara

From Bali in Asia to the deep in the deserts of Namibia, Africa where metaphorically forgetfulness may sleep; to explaining where our daily meat dish comes from; to the capture of a Thousand Hands Dance show… there is so much life and motion to Earth. For understanding better our planet as a home, take a look at Samsara and celebrate Earth Day this week.

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Engage with CF core team and skill-up

Want to engage and collaborate with CF team or simply have a question for us? We are always open for you. Just send us a buzz in our Facebook inbox or on Twitter or at Helpdesk on C:F platform and express your will that you want to dive in CF Chapters, CF Editorial board, or Growr team for CF on-line peer-to-peer mentorship platform!

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Happy Easter!


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