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Sayanee Basu: Despite our nationality, ethnicity, race, religion or none, sexual orientation, we still all come from the same root

19th May, 2017 @ 12:40 PM CEST by C:F Team in C:F news > Global News

We have to find common grounds in solving problems and take tiny steps. Over time that will compound into big changes for positive good.

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Lucian Croitoru with a message to CF-ers: Keep bringing positive energy to the world!

11th May, 2017 by C:F Team
in C:F news > Global News

The CF Snowball keeps moving. This week we catch up with Lucian Croitoru from Romania...

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Chourouq HAISNI: Being a declared introvert Cf was a very important character builder

4th May, 2017 by C:F Team
in C:F news > Global News

C:F Snowball: Chourouq HAISNI from Morocco answers the challenge:Future 2017 reflection, five years after the CF summit 2012...

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Stefan Alijevikj: History tells of awful, but also fascinating things about our civilization

27th April, 2017 by C:F Team
in C:F news > Global News

Peek-a-boo. Stefan answers three questions after Hayley challenges him...

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Hayley Lapalme: The more things change, the more they are the same

12th April, 2017 by C:F Team
in C:F news > Global News

Five years after C:F Summit 2012 and TEDxBled. Short interview with our dear dear Hayley Lapalme from Cannada...

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