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Earth just breached its latest climate change milestone

by C:F Team on 29th April, 2017 at 7:25 PM CEST

Earth just passed 410 ppm CO2 Levels for the first time in human history 

April 18, 2017, marked yet another dark date for climate change developments. It is the date when the atmospheric carbon dioxide read 410 PPM, which is a record first time shown in human history. Breaching this latest climate change "milestone", equals to more evidence that a coordinated, global effort is more than ever needed to conduct the health and survival of our planet. 

Since 2016, when Earth's dangerous new normal atmospheric CO2 levels went 400 ppm, scientists have warned the public that the next milestone of 410 ppm was coming. As their warning confirms, it is more than ever needed that countries and governments collaborate together to assure that Earth remains green.

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