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Opinion: It's two and a half minute to midnight

by Biljana Karovska on 29th January, 2017 at 3:16 PM CEST

In its two most recent annual announcements on the Clock, the Science and Security Board warned: “The probability of global catastrophe is very high, and the actions needed to reduce the risks of disaster must be taken very soon.”

"In 2017, we find the danger to be even greater, the need for action more urgent. It is two and a half minutes to midnight, the Clock is ticking, global danger looms. Wise public officials should act immediately, guiding humanity away from the brink. If they do not, wise citizens must step forward and lead the way," reads the Bulletin

C:F advisor Biljana Karovska from Macedonia has shared the following over C:F channels: 

If we want to change anything, we need to try and understand what reality is, what our lives mean here and how to become aware and question every idea, thought and feeling that we embrace on a daily level. This intensive process is known as - Deconstruction of illusions. Understanding the illusion in our lives is crucial for our awakening and reaching the changes we are talking about with years. It’s the biggest and ultimate fight. Between us and our reality, is our mind and our own consciousness which interpret things in their own way. The barriers are:

First, the capability of our sensor and nervous system in detecting the impulses it receives and the second one - the capability of our mind to understand the information it receives. Most of the daily lives are determined patterns of thinking and living, the reactions are predictable, and acts are based on known situations. It's a collective dream, massive hypnosis that gives a feeling of false security. How do we find the exit? - Or do we want to find the exit?

The quest for truth and exit is usually not a happy one, because being happy is just another mind concept of how we would like the things to be, and that is not always true. Truth, naked and bare is waiting for us when we realize the fact that happiness is not a constant state. We reach an understanding for the illusions in our lives daily, and then, daily we try to discard it. 

However, the challenge of the time we are living is in asking from us to discard the false feeling of security, fear of changes and materialistic comfort zones. We have reasons for optimism, but only if each one as an aware individual can recognize the inner and outer importance of these times, so each one decides to initiate a change in its personal life, consequently in the surrounding.

2016 delivered general social regression in accordance with lower motivation patterns and functioning. Winning and spreading of conservative, right oriented political ideas as a reaction to radicalized Islam, also economical threats and global insecurity will leave consequences on human lives. 

In the same time, it's the perfect time for changes, for new and different world, new and different life. All that nurses the wish for a change have a possibility to go in the wanted direction. It's important to look on the horizon, nurse the vision and keep hope, try to achieve the higher goals of the heart which are not self-related.

Changes are going in both directions for some time now and it will continue so; very certain that the old patterns will fall, the fog will rise and the visions will become clearer. On the other side, most of the humans are in their deep sleep, inclining to manipulations based on lower functioning. The need for security is being fed on fear based upon evil threats, which leads to inner closing and contracting, believing the ones offer for tradition, isolation and a firm savior’s hand. 

This leads to the fact that in spite the huge possibilities, not everyone is able to use them. So, try to feel the quality of this year on a spiritual level. Open to new possibilities, run new works, spread the knowledge on conscious development, and don't surrender to the rising pressure of fear around us.It is most important to keep faith and actively engage in movements, acts, and ideas that the visions of change offer.

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