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Part-time Jobs for College Students that Also Provide Career Experience

by James Mitchell on 9th November, 2016 at 1:27 PM CEST

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Getting good grades is one of your top priorities as a college student — and it’s probably a fact that your teachers, advisors and parents are constantly drilling into your mind! But did you know that having experience outside of the classroom may be just as critical as your GPA to potential employers?

Many students nab internships to gain experience in their desired career fields. But internships can be highly competitive and often span only a few months, meaning students have to start over in their search for opportunities that will help them land their dream job after graduation.

Another great option for students is getting a part-time job that not only helps out financially, but also provides relevant job experience (indefinitely!) for their field of study. There are a variety of jobs that will accommodate your schedule no matter what you’re studying — here are a few ideas:

If you’re planning a career in education… Tutor students with Student-Tutor! If you’re studying to become a teacher, it’s important to have a background working with students; in fact, you’ll probably be required to at some point in your school’s program. This company provides the opportunity to virtually tutor middle school and high school students in your free time, giving you experience with a variety of grade levels (which looks great on a resume).

If you’re planning a career in advertising or sales… Promote brands with Bigger Markets! What better way to get sales or advertising training than to learn what consumers want by speaking to them directly? As a brand ambassador, you’ll work on your school’s campus to talk up products from corporate brands that want to build a presence with college students. This job can be a fun way not only to learn the art of sales, but to learn what promotional techniques work better than others — insight that will come in highly useful in a full-time career.

If you’re planning a career in journalism… Write or edit with Elance! As a college student, you’re no stranger to writing assignments — but how many of those term papers can help you build up your writing portfolio? With Elance, you’re able to choose from a variety of writing or editing jobs based on what sounds interesting to you, and complete them during whatever hours your hectic schedule allows. Plus, you’ll be paid for adding new work to your personal writing collection, including researched pieces, technical guides, and creative content.

If you’re planning a career in office administration… Virtually assist an individual or small business with Zirtual! It can be hard to get an in-person internship or part-time job that gives you experience in running an office, since many require you to be available during typical working hours during the week. Zirtual connects you with entrepreneurs, professionals and small offices whose task list can be checked off online, offering you a virtual foot-in-the-door during the hours that work for you.

If you’re planning a career with animals… Pet sit with! Working with animals is a fun way to gain insight into the constant care veterinarians and vet techs provide to pet owners every day. As a pet sitter, you’ll be responsible for feeding, walking and playing with the animals under your supervision, as well as taking care of any special needs like administering medication or taking care of special dietary needs. It’s a great (and fun!) gig for getting familiar with the pet care field. And if pet sitting doesn’t work with your schedule, but you’d still love to work with animals, the company also offers opportunities to build your own dog walking business.

If you’re planning a career that requires a lot of travel… Drive with Uber! Although constantly being on the road sounds like a great work perk to many, the reality isn’t always as ideal. Test the waters – while getting paid – by setting your own schedule for driving your clients to their destinations with Uber. Bonus: You can earn higher rates if you’re willing to work during peak hours like weekends, holidays and during local events.

Part-time jobs have the obvious benefit of providing cash for college students, but finding one that complements your demanding schedule and offers you insight into what it’s like to work in your field of study can make these gigs even more valuable. For other ideas on what may be available to you, speak with your academic advisor or your academic program’s department head.

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