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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Fixate Around Your Ideas

by C:F Team on 15th September, 2016 at 6:04 PM CEST

Having good ideas is a good thing. In fact it's awesome. Great ideas which you might have might speak volumes of who you are personally, but sometimes we so much fixate around ideas, that we are no where near ready to let them go, refine them and fine tune the whole thing. That's when we generally lose. Fixating to a specific idea, whether it is about business, or that essay you should prepare at work will not do you any good. Below, see three reasons why: 

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1. Fixating to a single idea is limiting in business

When it comes down to business, especially if you are in the process of launching a new product/service, or launching a new entrepreneurial initaitive, falling in love with your idea may not be the best thing that could happen to you. It is good that you love your idea, but the other question is: are you ready to change it? Edit it? Adapt it? Evolve it? Ideas are not only there to stand fixated, and revolve the whole universe to what you initially imagined about. Ideas are there to be communicated and interchanged with other ideas. They should always be in the testing lab. When you are launching a new product or a service, it is similar like you are cooking in the kitchen. Your first initial idea is just one ingredient. You also need to add in the cooking pot. Do not take this personally. Your final output may be totally different from what you first imagined in the beginning, but it will be totally worth it. Because at the end you should have something functional and operational. Fixating is one of the bumps on the road that you should jump

2. Fixating ideas will not help you resolve unknowns

In life and at work, you should always ask more "Why" questions. Asking "Why" questions will shake your current belief system. If you are a really curious person, you will dig deeper, you will want to learn more what's behind one project, one relationship and one customer. No matter if it is a project, a relationship or a customer, if you ask the right type of questions, you will be always able to identify new unknowns. Fixating to one opinion of how your project is written, of how your relationship with your girl is supposed to be, and how that client user experience you imagine in your head, is totally work. It disables you to identify a profound nature of all of the three matters. We are billions of people on this planet. We are all very different. And we will be never able to understand each other if we fixate to our own imagining of how things are supposed to be. It is equal to assuming, which in a sense is like ass-u-me (pun intended). 

3. Fixating to a single idea in life is very close to creating stereotyped image

Imagine this - few years ago you first get acquianted yourself with something new. Like, you are straight and you met gay people. You did not have a single idea how gay people function and you approached with curiosity. Ok, that's cool. You learnt something. Then, you went to your friends and told them about that you have friends who are homosexual. They were 'Wow' - because none of them have met any gay people so far. Cool. And that was it. You satisfied your curiosity by enlarging your idea about gay people and homosexuality, and then you backed off. You created one opinion from one encountering, and you never looked for new encounterings. We do this in many realms of life. And this is usually how we fixiate ideas about it.

It is the same like you are comng to Europe for the first time, you are visiting one country - let's say - the Netherlands. You have collected some expeirences from your visit, and based on that, you now start to speak about the whole Western Europe. That's how fixating ideas can be portrayed. You will soon start to think that the people of Amsterdam were "like that, like that and like that..." and if you never return again to that city, you will never discover new aspect about it.

The point is - try to shuffle things all of the time in you head. Don't hold on to one idea only. Ever.  Go, find "your Amsterdam" and see all the aspects of it. Shuffling will lead you eventually to a point of immersion, and that is the point when you will have validated that your idea about that one specific thing has really grown to a point that you really understand it. 

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Muhammad Jehangir Khan

Muhammad Jehangir Khan | Action team | CF Chapters

amazing article

4th October, 2016 @ 9:03 PM CEST

Muhammad Ali Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali

v informative

1st November, 2016 @ 12:06 PM CEST

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