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It's A New Day

by Stefan Alijevikj on 30th January, 2016 at 7:14 PM CEST

It’s funny how time flies by. You think that nothing has ever changed, but when you look back, it’s all changed. Time in the mind or time on the clock - are so different. Or, as Virginia Woolf would accurately contemplate on time: “But Time, unfortunately, though it makes animals and vegetables bloom and fade with amazing punctuality, has no such simple effect upon the mind of man. The mind of man, moreover, works with equal strangeness upon the body of time. An hour, once it lodges in the queer element of the human spirit, may be stretched to fifty or a hundred times its clock length; on the other hand, an hour may be accurately represented on the timepiece of the mind by one second.” (Orlando, 1927)

And what about our planet Earth? The dawn of the century is behind us. The first 15 years of the 21st century are over and we are way through the 2016 now. How much the world has changed in this instance? Where is the sun positioned now in the sky, if the years of the century were the hours of the day? It’s a new day! It’s time you wake up, or as Tilen says in the opener for this year:

World media headlines portray the challenges in front of us. One of them says that the world will have more plastic than fish by 2050 if we continue to pollute the oceans in the way we do now:

Another headline says that 5 billion jobs will be lost by 2020 

This headline: portrays three ways we can tackle youth employment

While I check the Economist that says that the millennial generation is young, gifted, but held back: also go through Telegraph’s piece on how the CERN scientists ‘break the speed of light’: 

I am already feeling bit overwhelmed with all this information. One would wonder, how will the headlines look like 15 years from now at noon time, or 50 years from now at afternoon? Or 70 years from now, somewhere close to the “midnight of the century”. Will we have so much important headlines? It’s a long day ahead for the young generations of today to embrace. 

What headlines do we want to see in the future, 5 years from now, or 15? Let’s call this game a creative visualization. It's even a better idea than dreaming, or daydreaming. 

The newly featured Huffington Post news say that the new system for cleaning the Pacific are prooving successful. Our oceans are getting healthier, and plastic is no longer polluting the world oceans. Acidifications of ocean is under control, and fish is healthy.

5 billion jobs are lost by 2020, but double that number designates all the newly opened jobs at world level. However, interesting enough, job is no longer the appropraite word... Earthlings seem to develop a new discourse on that matter. Employment, work life... it all seemed too much "technical".

Decades from now, an interesting headlines: Earth has sent a spaceship to explore deep space. The crew has 82 members from all continents.

It’s truly a new day. It just depends through which spectacles we want to see and embrace that new day.

Author: Stefan Alijevikj

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