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GrowR Under Directorship of the CF IMPACT Program

by C:F Team on 21st September, 2015 at 9:49 PM CEST

As we enter the fall season of 2015 and together we co-create the CF IMPACT program (read more about the program HERE), we would like to announce that Growr, the CF baby project launched in February 2014, will go under a directorship with the CF IMPACT program. In the same time, this is also your chance to join Growr management board! 

In 2015, Growr is in the CoLead of three amazing CF-ers, all of which part of CF Youth Advisory Board:

Stefan Alijevikj (Macedonia), CF VP community within CF management board, CF editor-in-chief

Hayley Lapalme (Canada),  C:F strategist, CF Youth Advisory Board member

Jatin Kataria (India), CF Youth Advisory Board member, C:F Editorial Board

Stefan, Hayley and Jatin will continue their co-lead as co-directorship within the CF IMPACT program, thus activating a special GrowR management board open for admitting new members as well. 

The first notices and regulations we would like to announce regarding the Growr management board are as follow: 

  • Stefan Alijevikj, Hayley Lapalme and Jatin Kataria are to continue the shared co-directorship until December 31, 2015. From January, 2016 onward they keep the right to vote if the co-directorship will continue to be shared or if Growr will have one director solely.
  • The management board is also seeking to admit new members who have the knowledge or expertise in (1) virtual mentorship - to advise and contribute the board how to further develop Growr platform:, or (2) crowd-funding - who will advise and help the Growr management board to implement crowd-funding campaign with the aim to help Growr platform to enhance its tools and operation
  • If you want yourself to be part of Growr management board and work under the CF IMPACT program, don’t hesitate to comment bellow or send an email to Stefan, Hayley and Jatin will be happy to be back to you!

Happy GROWRING!! :) 

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Muhammad Ali Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali

Congrtz to all Grower team:)

1st October, 2015 @ 2:00 PM CEST

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