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"ExcusoKaitics" - Saunak Bhatta

by Jatin Kataria on 2nd September, 2014 at 6:26 PM CEST

Hello Everyone,

In words of Mr. Saunak Bhatta, some of us might be living our life with a disease known as "ExcusoKaitics", which means "I want to do__________, but______!!!"

This is RJ Jats from Radio CF and I am back with the last show of action team Wilde Chronicles. It was team of 12 people from 7 countries and these leaders were Marusa (Slovenia), Jatin (India), Sarmast (Pakistan), Udoka (Nigeria), Syed (Pakistan), Dennis (Malawi), Anuja (India), Shahzaman (Pakistan), Israel (Nigeria), Stefan (Macedonia), Siddharth (India/Singapore). We shared some amazing articles with you all and list of these articles is given at the end of this article.

Coming back to the show,

The journey of this article is interesting as it is happening with me again on the same platform of CF where I started something else and ended with something different. Twice in my life, I changed entire content of an article and this article is one of those. This article is journey & sharing from one guy who is change-maker and the one who inspire world by his words, great amount of energy and positivity he possess. He is non-other than Mr Saunak Bhatta from Nepal.

Beauty of life is that I met thing guy at 3 different countries and at 3 different stages of my life i.e. India, Pakistan & in the video shared in this article (ha ha). He made my belief stronger that people & their life can change the way they want to. He made me feel and believe again & again the importance of being truthful to yourself, being real in front of mirror, asking real question of life.

We want to be "_____". When we work for what we want to be, we feel like this is what I live for and that’s where I belong. That’s where People always knocks, throw stones and says that you can’t do that. Maybe that is reality of life and circumstance don’t want to make us what we are dreaming. What we generally do is that we believe those people for who we are. That’s exactly not what winners do, because winners say that no matter what, "I am going to live my dream" and say Life is beautiful.

He says, always imagine that you are going to die in 1 month and then make a list of things that you want to do and what you want to be. Then try to live that list “what you are going to do, if will die in 1 month”. Best part is moving from discovering & living dream to design your own dream(s) for life. That moment will make you extra ordinary.

Don’t do hard work, instead just fall in love with your work / do what you love to do, it will not be hard. Because you will live with your passion. Everything you do is fun and it will not be hard work.

Doing same thing again & again makes it comfort zone. Its not bad, its good thing. If you want to grow then just move from comfort zone to un-comfort zone, and shortly it will become your comfort zone. Give yourself strong reason for what you want to do and what you are doing. Give yourself strong "Why" for everything.

It’s not that you can’t do work, it’s always like your mind says I can’t. If you tell your mind that you can, you will start doing these which once might seems impossible and you will reach to new heights of what you can. We will get, what we are going focus on. First comes focus and then comes appealing (take action / grab it / do it / believe it / achieve it / become it).

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition is one of the way to program and un-program ourselves. Program to be good and un-program to tell those thoughts which make you feel you are not good. Together indeed, we can change the world, just guide yourself to do that. Train your subconscious mind to more useful for ourselves, so nurture it with best belief system as possible.

Always remind yourself “I am the winner, I am the champion”. If not this that make your own statement for your life which says to you that “you can”.


This is Jatin Kataria signing off with the list of article we as the Wilde Chronicles Action Team produced for you and wanted you to believe and to dream. Spend quality 64 minutes of your life by watching the video above, and also review once again the list of articles bellow.

We embrace Education and Peace as the most profound dreams of our youth generation. Are you ready to design them, every single day, from the heart, more deeply and deeply...?

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Dont' forget: designing your dreams is... in your hands

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Muhammad Ali Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali

oooh so sweet Jatin Kataria!!!

its so nice and impressive writing by you.

All the best!!!!!!!!!!

6th September, 2014 @ 5:24 PM CEST

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