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CF Ambassadors from Bangladesh will cycle across Europe

by Abdullah Tahir Chowdhury on 10th July, 2014 at 6:25 PM CEST

Imagine you can combine your passion with something that brings smile to innocent children! How rewarding does it feel when you travel to unknown terrains the way you like, meet new people & exchange your view with them, make new friends and it all together results in ensuring a better life of children at different corners of the world!

Yes, we are going to do the same à cycling across Europe (almost 2000 kilometers), exchanging our views at the places we cross & raising fund for the world’s largest organization working for child development. 

First, the Riders Introduction:

Abdullah Tahir Chowdhury: He is the founder of TOHF, The One Human Family. By profession, he is a market researcher & head of Firefly Millward Brown in Bangladesh, the largest qualitative network in the world. Abdullah is an avid long distance cyclist & amateur mountain climber. As part of Challenge:Future Bangladesh chapter he will make his journey throughout Europe as C:F Ambassador and will arrange presentations in Copenhagen, Hamburg, Berling, Prague and Vienna.

Promit Adnan: He is also a founding member of TOHF. By profession he is a social-psychologist having done his post-graduation from University of Edinburgh. He is currently working to establish his own project Sheralock which acts on elevating human motivation.   

Able to meet Abdullah on his journey across Europe? If yes, send your buzz bellow in a comment!

The Context

There are 7 billion people in the world. Among them 2.4 billion live under $2 a day.
Among the people living under poverty line, around 1 billion are children – who are deprived of their very basic human rights like – food, education, nutrition, shelter, security etc.
Though we all love to envision a happy & prosperous world by 2050, it is never possible unless we can ensure the basic rights & a bright future of all our future citizens.
In this goal, many government & non-government development projects are incessantly working to ameliorate the condition of these children’s life. However, the support & assistance requirement is much more than what exists in the world.

The Hypothesis

Hence, we believe that if the top 1 billion people who have the ability to do something for these children, stands with whatever minimum they can for the children living below the poverty line – change will come much faster than anticipated.

Secondly, mass involvement into improvement areas will make government & non-government organizations to work more seriously to tackle the issue.

Our Action

Being realized that each of our actions, however minimum it is, can have impact of the lives of even if one child is not at all negligible. Hence, we have initiated our project – The One Human Family (TOHF). TOHF’s mission is to motivate the top 1 billion to have impact on the 1 billion underprivileged children and also to support individual underprivileged children or projects working in the mission of saving the underprivileged children.

Our Motivation

Our main believe, the significance of individual impact that can change the world is inspired by the success story of Bangladesh – a country shattered by the destruction of its liberation war, recurring natural calamity & flood, known for huge corruption & failure in governance à suddenly came to be one of the next 11 countries as one of the emerging economies of the world.
The story behind the success story of Bangladesh is only individual effort & the motivation to have impact which made the country to make the largest non-government organization in the world to tackle its development issues, create the concept of micro-credit & social business to influx financial mobility among the poorest & thousands of many other individually driven efforts of large & small scale – which made the country as the next Asian emerging tiger.  
Hence, our learning is, if accumulated impacts of different individuals can change the fate of a nation, why not it can change the future of the world!

What We Are Doing Currently

In September, 2014, we are going to cross a part of Europe – from Denmark to Germany to Czech Republic to Austria on bicycle around 2000 kilometers – presenting our message to different institutions of the respective countries.
We will be presenting our cause to at least 8 universities in Europe & also in 4 universities in Bangladesh.
On course of the journey, we will be raising fund for United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), which is the largest & most impactful organization in the world working for underprivileged children.

Find our fundraising site here

If you would like to meet us over our cycling journey contact us here or message CF team here!

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Rifat Sagor

Rifat Sagor | CF Chapters

All the very best with your journey!
You are the real ambassadors of Bangladesh, youth & C:F.
Cheers one more time!!!!

11th July, 2014 @ 12:17 AM CEST

Muhammad Ali Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali

Best of Luck !!!!!!!!!!

its a great job!!!!!!!!

12th July, 2014 @ 7:27 AM CEST

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