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Good story from Nigeria: C:F Make.It.Work winners 2013 are creating youth employment

by YIHA team on 15th May, 2014 at 11:23 AM CEST

Youth Innovation Hub Africa team reached milestones and received full payment of the award  

Youth Innovation Hub  Africa  (YIHA)  is  an organization whose birth was seen out of the C:F Work  Competition 2013.  It   is an enterprise incubator/accelerator and Africa’s first truly distributed Business Process Outsourcer (BPO). It is a not-for-profit social business that connects youth with innovative business idea with mentorship, contacts, space, and network of angel investors and also  brings dignified, computer-based work to women, youth, and  refugees  living  in  poverty. By solving  out serious  business  needs  through  simple  services, like data entry,  transcription and quality assurance testing, YIHA actually creates opportunities!


We are enabling marginalized people, from the youth communities in Nigeria to receive life-changing work opportunities via the Internet. This time last  year we were working diligently on framing our idea  for the  competition: fundraising, networking and getting valuable input from multiple areas. We had heard of the Challenge Future Global Competition a few years back from our Nigerian  sisters who were part  of the competition in 2012. At that time, we weren’t ready to enter, but in 2013 we felt confident that we were finally in the right spot to apply. And excited about it too! The application process was engaging with the whole team and it really helped us frame our story, our  business  model  and  our SWOT analysis. We also framed our plan with both a sustainable and financial focus. We started early, and had plenty of time to start implementing the application by testing our many assumptions. We gave ourselves months to write the application and hone our business case. We even put the deadline on our wall in the lab as inspiration as we wrote the application -  we wanted to win the 2013  C:F Competition - and we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to draft our application. The process was exciting and helped us grow as a team in the process.

One of many memorable moments of winning the C: F Competition was meeting with the judges, who were all inspirational. Through networks and cross-linked opportunities, we were able to meet with some of the judges to discuss our business model and opportunities for getting our services into the market.  Six months after winning the competition and getting our funding, we have grown from strength to strength.  Some of our remarkable achievements include: 

1. Getting our registration certificates to operate within Nigeria;

2.  Introducing over  1500  youths  to  micro-work  via  our  partner  platform  such  as:,,,,  and  supporting  over  120   youth   entrepreneurs  in  various  forms  through  our  YIHAConsulting,  YIHA  Platform,  YIHASpace  and  YIHA  Camp   programs.  

 3. Launching of our “Tech Need Girls Campaign” in over 20 schools to improve the capacities of the girl-child   in  the  technology  space  and  turning  them  into  problem  solvers,  and  solution  providers  within  their  local   communities 

4. The project has gained support from community organizations in Abeokuta, Ogun state and from the mayor   of Abeokuta personally.  

5.  A  strong collaboration between the YIHA and other organizations working towards sustainable job creation   in Nigeria (in particular, GENDI, HYPERTEC, ALMONSOR, FATE) has been established, which, on its turn,   brings  new  opportunities  to  the  community  (currently,  the  YIHA’s  partner  organizations  are  discussing   opportunities to start a new community development project in south-western region of Nigeria, in which YIHA   can be also involved as an implementing partner);  

6.  Thanks  to  the  grant  from  CF  and  TMK,  YIHA  drew  more  attention  from  the  community  and  individuals,   which  results  in  increased  number  of  visitors  and  supporters;  in  nearest  future  the  YIHA  will  receive  a   donation from the Governor of Ogun State. He will donate office space, which are very valuable gifts as YIHA   is in need of space for our forth coming incubator program.  However,  YIHA  is  now  moving  into  the  next  phase  of  the  project  and  plans  to  do  things  differently  by   launching its first University Tour and Social Innovators Programme called YIHA -SIP Programme 2014. The   programme  seeks  to  identify,  develop  and  support  young  Nigerians  with  an  idea  for  addressing  social   challenges  through  creative  and  sustainable  business  solutions  in  the  ICT  domain  and  other  compatible   businesses.  Through  this  programme  YIHA  will  select  8-10  Fellows  that  will  benefit  from  a  yearlong   experience  that  includes  leadership  training,  coaching/mentoring,  funding,  advocacy,  access  to  network  of   angel investors and other networking opportunities. 

Finally,  we  are  grateful  to  the  entire  Challenge  community  for  supporting  us  this  far,  and  in  the next round of Challenge Future Competition;  we  hope to see ideas that are simple,  yet impactful: Ideas that shift mind-sets. Perhaps a design change to packaging or a design changes in the clothing consumable supply chain. Simple, yet effective ideas that have massive impact and can be executed rapidly! 

Therefore, good luck to all the entrepreneurs and change-makers out there ready to enter the next rounds of competition!  

Youth Innovation Hub Africa team 

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Muhammad Ali Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali

very impressive.

really its a remarkable work ....

very well done!!!!!!!!!!

15th May, 2014 @ 7:03 PM CEST

Jatin Kataria

Jatin Kataria | Action team | CF Chapters

always impressive... always amazing.. :) :)

15th May, 2014 @ 9:15 PM CEST



wow, I am impressed and proud of you guys.

18th May, 2014 @ 1:24 AM CEST

Stefan Alievikj

Stefan Alievikj | C:F staff

Congratulations and wish you further continual success and growth :)

18th May, 2014 @ 9:30 PM CEST

Muhammad Ali Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali


19th May, 2014 @ 5:27 PM CEST



Many thanks guys. We are happy to have received the fundingfrom CF. With your support we believe we will do in the coming months.

21st May, 2014 @ 11:17 PM CEST

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