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A Second Look into the Future of Education My Dream Job Winners’ Interview

by Hayley Lapalme on 19th November, 2013 at 10:59 AM CEST

We're back with part two of three of our interview series with the winners of the My Dream Job competition.  Earlier this week we heard from Amrullah, Sid, and Melanie of Team  I.G.N.I.T.E, and soon we’ll heard from Anida , Gayathri, and Shibam of Team Good Riddance .  But today's conversation is with Aimee Riedel, of Achievement 2022. Read on to gain insights into the competition experience and future plans of this future-facing Australian!

Achievement 2022's Vision The current system of post-secondary institutions is not sustainable, and is on its way to transition.  Aimee conceives of a new system built on four components: massive open online courses (MOOCs), augmented reality, neuro-imaging techniques, and mentorship.  In her own words, "MOOCs provide the theoretical knowledge required for graduates to be successful in their industry; augmented reality technology delivers the practical aspects of education; neuro-imaging techniques develop the psychological competencies of students; and the mentorship program provides a real world connection with the passing of experience from mentors to mentees."

CF: What was the genesis of your idea?

Aimee: I have a great interest in neuro-technology and how this can be employed in different settings. It was through the combination of this, with my interest in utilising different technologies and methods of education to enrich learning, that my idea was born.

CF: You were the only finalist to compete as an individual team - was this an advantage or disadvantage for you?

Aimee: Working as an individual can have both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of working in a team is that you can receive feedback from other members on different ideas. For me, in this competition, I had an amazing mentor who helped in providing this feedback and was able to guide me to achieve highly. I was therefore able to work on an idea that I was really passionate about whilst also receiving this support.

CF: So you are living proof of the value of mentorship!  In your idea, you marry this timeless tradition of mentorship with new technologies, like massive open online courses.  Is the way mentors and mentees interact also evolving with the technology we have - and what is your vision for the future of mentorship?

Aimee: Mentorship is definitely evolving! I feel it is becoming more and more important. As the use of online educational technology becomes more prolific, the role of a mentor increases. It is through this relationship that real world skills are passed on to the mentee and students are able to learn from a wealth of experience and knowledge.

CF: What did you learn from the competition experience that you would like to share with other participants?

Aimee: I learned that it is important to have an idea that you are passionate about and can develop and then step back and look at how it can be applied in different industries to help the most people and have the greatest impact. It is through this global view that we, as the youth, will be able to assist in bringing people from different areas of the world together to realise projects and make great impacts.

CF: What is next for you - any exciting future plans?!

Aimee: Next for me involves finishing my Business degree and then beginning my Honours degree next year where I will be looking at the effects of crises on branding.

CF: Thanks for your time Aimee and good luck!  We look forward to seeing how your academic pursuits continue to mingle with your CF participation.

For the rest of our CF readers, check back  in the next few days for the interview with Good Riddance, the final winning team of the My Dream Job Competition.


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Kayode Nubi

Kayode Nubi | Action team | CF Chapters

Good read. Awesome catching up with the winners of the C:F competitions. Thanks for the share.

1st December, 2013 @ 10:20 PM CEST

Muhammad Ali Ali

Muhammad Ali Ali

its a very inspiring and a piece of motivational reading.

Thanks so much Hayley Lapalme to share it with us.

Best of Luck Hayley Lapalme for ur upcoming writings

24th December, 2013 @ 11:52 AM CEST

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