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The art of skilling-up! Highlights from Day #2 at the Summit!

by C:F Team on 22nd September, 2013 at 9:22 AM CEST

We’re still bit dizzy today from yesterday’s marvelous charm of the Cultural Evening! Food, drinks, dances, music and charm from 5 continents made Maribor move into a different dimension. So we were travelling… from Maribor to somewhere in India, or then back in Romania and bit south to Nigeria. We circled the world to 30+ more countries and we are back today to continue our hard work on 15 challenging business, social and start-up cases connected with Maribor. 

Glimpse at the venue of the C:F Cultural Evening

But, let us go bit back in time and give the overall highlights of the day!

Morning started with minutes with Daniel Rebolj, rector of University of Maribor discussing and contemplating on how to find perfect solution to your problem? Cognition, Balance, Creation. The first session was true introduction to the challenges of the day. Then, along with Violeta Bulc, the CF Summit participants finally encountered more about the cases that are on daily schedule. Most importantly, it was day that offered everyone new tools for tackling each challenge. To be precise, day #2 at the summit was SKILL UP day. Everyone got the chance to brush up some skill!

The venue is exploding with ideas! Team work started!

An amazing session followed under the slogan Art of selling with Lai Hock emphasizing how selling is an important act. Points were made loud and clear for all the participants.“The first thing in selling is to make an impression. Good publicity and bad publicity are still publicity," opened Lai Hock.

Day #2 also included an inspiring youth panelists sessions in the program. Special seats were given to Udoka Chiefe from Nigeria and Audrey Tangonan from The Phillipines. They were accompained by Natalia and Olga, last year grand winners in the C:F Competition coming all the way from Irkutsk, Russia. "The main force that keeps me going ahead is just my belief for a good future... good people. These believes are very important. Just never give up! If something goes wrong, just slow down and go step by step," contemplated Olga on the panel session.

"Every day is a difficult time. Some days are more difficult than others. Sometimes when you are in Nigeria nobody believes in you. They think you joke when you say I wanna help you," said youth panelist Udoka.

From the session with Lai Hock

The skill-up sessions with the single aim to help the participants in the challenges facing their working cases was rounded up with Nadya’s session on how to give a pitch. Coming all closer in the front part of Podrecca Hall of the University of Maribor, productive and intensive 2 hours session started, where particularly participants who lacked this skill got the chance to try and give a short 60 sec pitch talk.

And then… as I was telling you yes… we started to move in different dimensions! The most special Cultural Evening took place.

Summit participants from Indonesia, Montenegro, India, China and Bulgaria at the Cultural Evening

More pictures are coming soon! Stay with us!

Edited by: Stefan

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