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3: Winners vs. Leaders

by Bistra Kumbaroska on 17th October, 2012 at 3:43 PM CEST

All of you who read my latest 4 questions you need to ask know that I am terribly late with posting this article. Being late is not something that winners do. But, don’t blame me. Blame the CEE Chapter meeting :) Working with a motivated group of inspiring young people took most of my time, and gave me material for this new article. My question to you is: Are all winners leaders, or are all leaders winners? Please post your comments below this article. By then, read what i found out!

1. To be a winner you need a competition. To be a leader you need to be a follower. 

Modern society and economy dwells on competition. Competition is one of the most important factors in all known charts, analysis and business models. Competition makes the world better. Does it? Yes, to some extent. The Game theory, as a study of strategic decision making (back in 1944) gave birth to one new-coined word “coopetition”, describing cooperative competition. The book Co-Opetition : A Revolution Mindset That Combines Competition and Cooperation tells how Intel, Nintendo, American Express, NutraSweet, American Airlines, and dozens of other companies have been using the strategies of co-opetition. Collaboration and competition together make the future most developing model of success. Moreover, the old distinctions between leaders and followers are gone. Great followers follow by leading. If you want to be a great leader you must also be a great follower. Easy to say it, but is it easy to implement it?

2. A winner has passion. A leader gives meaning to passion. 

We are all part of the generation Y, the generation which was born and blessed with “follow your passion” motto. The chart below shows the occurrences of this phrase in printed English over time.

Image Credit

You can see that the phrase booms in 2000s, when our Y generation was going to school and starting to have a dream. To this phrase, you can add up a thousands of miraculous motivational speeches given by successful masters of this business age, downloaded and seen thousands of times (not to mention Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Address). No one of us prepared for “tough first years on a job where you build up skills.” Follow-your-passion dogma actually taught us something else. We chase our dreams regardless of what happens around us. If not the skills, then we are missing the big picture and thus, it is quite difficult to find jobs and/or sense of belonging. We are expected to be the best, and always win. But does this age need that? Spending time to give meaning to our passion is much more crucial. Finding what matters to us but also what matters to the world. "Follow your passion" is an inspiring slogan, but its reign as the cornerstone of modern career advice needs to end.

3. All winners are not leaders as all leaders are not winners. 

But they both intend to live forever. Or die trying to.

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Hmm.... as for leaders thre are some battles you win while some you loose but you are a winner because you took a decision only to sevr your people and you did that. So you are a winner.

17th October, 2012 @ 8:31 PM CEST

sattouf hichem

sattouf hichem

It’s a very interesting subject;

First I’m totally agree with the fact that Leaders and Winners are different type of person, winner like to win wherever it is, leaders want to inspire, to be innovative;

But I’m not totally agree with the argue to prove that: The first point was about “to be a winner you need a competition. To be a leader you need to be a follower”, the first part is right, but a leader don’t need follower, a leader have followers because of his leadership the followers are the result of the leadership not a need;

The second point “A winner has passion. A leader gives meaning to passion. “the main characteristics to inspire, we can’t inspire without passion, without believe in this think, you right a leader transform this passion to a really meaning to transmit it to other when a winner use it to win

18th October, 2012 @ 12:08 AM CEST

Bistra Kumbaroska

Bistra Kumbaroska

@Kedei: I agree that you are a winner if you took a decision to serve your people. However, serving your people is not something all winners go for, is it?

@ Sattouf: I am so happy to read your comment, it rises some very important discussion points! The point of “to be a winner you need a competition. To be a leader you need to be a follower” is that YOU as a leader need to be a follower. You say: A leader don't need followers, but has them. I say, great followers follow by leading. Leaders today need to learn to follow.

I agree with the second point: without passion there is no inspiration, no inner drive, no vision, no perseverance. However, i think our generation was somehow bound by a magic spell, to believe that all you need to do is "follow your passion". Yes, we need to follow our passion, but also to build awareness of what is happening around us, and facing the difficulties of today, building the skills and learning by doing.

Would you agree with that?

18th October, 2012 @ 12:28 PM CEST

sattouf hichem

sattouf hichem

History showed us that the greatest leader of the world was big followers, by big I mean they really get the values and the passion of their leader, in general they improve it buy adding their own values.

I want, please, to know more about you point of view: why do you think that a leader should be a followers? Do you think that he should be a follower first? Or he can be both at the same time?

18th October, 2012 @ 10:18 PM CEST

Bistra Kumbaroska

Bistra Kumbaroska

Sattouf, great point! History did show some of the greatest examples of leaders as followers.

Why i strongly point out that a leader should be a follower is because distinction between leaders and followers no longer exists. Those bright lines between kings and subjects, nobles and serfs, bosses and “workers” are gone. We often switch between leader and follower many times in a single day, and success depends just as much on being a great follower as it does on being a great leader. You need to be both at the same time!

23rd October, 2012 @ 3:24 PM CEST

sattouf hichem

sattouf hichem

Well, I totaly convaince now :)

I saw in your profile that you are a member of AIESEC, I'm actualy in AIESECer to from LC BABEZ in Algeria, I will send you a freindship request on facebbok if it doest bother you

26th October, 2012 @ 3:04 PM CEST

Bistra Kumbaroska

Bistra Kumbaroska

Just added you Sattouf! :) Hope to read more of your comments on other articles too!

29th October, 2012 @ 7:09 PM CEST

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