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by C:F Team on 4th September, 2012 at 9:43 AM CEST

After announcing the winners of Go to New York competition, here are more cheering news for you! Our latest social media challenge brought a lot of buzz to our Facebook and Google+ pages! Ok, Facebook won over Google+ in number of posts you made, however, in total, the number of posts reached number 18, with approximately 200 likes, shares and comments!  

So, what were your choices of business gurus? And more importantly, who reached the highest level of social media interaction? The choice of business gurus was broad in geographical terms as well as in field of expertise. You could find entrepreneurs from Africa, as well as designers from Europe, well-known people like Bill Gates, and not so-known talents from Pakistan. A variety of stories blended on the walls of c:f pages! One things was common to all: youth choose business leaders that have built their success on courage, commitment, hard-work and honesty.

Ready to hear which posts were the winning ones!? 

(hey, smile, it’s time to cheer :)

#3 post: Faisal Imtiaz from Pakistan and his guru - Miad Mohammad Mansha

#2 post: Syed Mehmood Kazmi from Pakistan and his guru Bill Gates 

And the winning post of all times, with over 50 likes and over 30 comments is:

Kedei Inah from Nigeria with her guru Aliko Dangote

Congratulations to all! Faisal and Syed may choose whether they wish to have a book (“Five regions of the Future” from Joel Barker) or a c:f t-shirt as award! 

Kedei as a winner will win a C:F t-shirt + a special surprise that you can check out at C:F Facebook and Google+ pages to see it!

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Jatin Kataria

Jatin Kataria | Action team | CF Chapters

yiipyyy... its reallyyy aweesomeee . . . congratulationssssss Kedei . . its party timeeeeeeeee.. ;)

n congo to my 2 special frds of pakistan as wel.. i m loving it . . :)

4th September, 2012 @ 7:53 PM CEST



I feel so honoured, thank You Jesus and thank you C:F.

4th September, 2012 @ 10:13 PM CEST

Faisal  imtiaz

Faisal imtiaz

Thanks Jatin :) YOur awsome and thanks alot CF for again including me in the list of winners :) all hails :)

5th September, 2012 @ 11:21 AM CEST



congrat sweet heart.

5th September, 2012 @ 2:36 PM CEST

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