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Can you save the lion?

by Haidi Kostova on 1st March, 2012 at 4:11 PM CEST

Once there was a little Mouse that ran up on a sleeping Lion. This woke up the Lion and he placed his paw on the Mouse. The little Mouse begged the King of Beasts to let him go and tried to persuade the Lion that one day he may save his life too but the Lion found this very amusing. Yet he let the Mouse go, and funny as it had seemed, few months later when some hunters caught the Lion and tied him to a tree, the same little Mouse was here to save the Lion’s life. It gnawed away the ropes that tied the Lion and thus saved his life. “No matter how small we feel, we may have the potential to save someone/something quite bigger and far more important than us.”

The Lion and the Mouse (picture credit)

In a video I’ve recently seen, “saving the planet” was called “the biggest arrogance of people” At first I found this funny (because it was a stand up show) so I continued watching. But the more I watched, the less I laughed. The comedian’s opinion is that the planet is just fine – the people won’t be. He mocked the people that were trying to save endangered species (because they were going to be extinct anyway), that the planet had survived meteors, ice ages etc and “some plastic bags and some aluminium cans” aren’t going to make a difference.

I’m afraid you have humans (picture credit)

Though this did make some sense, I couldn’t disagree more with him. We cut woods, destroying the natural habitat of millions of animals, so why would trying to save endangered species be called “arrogance”? Are those people that try to save lives more arrogant than those that go to wars and take lives? Are they more arrogant than those who throw plastic bottles where they please? Yes the planet has survived meteors and if all life ends on Earth because of a meteor, that’s fine by me. But if we are responsible for extermination of millions of animals just so that we can build hotels, dig oil, build houses, if we make this “blue-green ball” a “blue-brown-black ball”... Well I’m not okay with that. So yes, a single plastic bottle matters to me. Yes, a single can, a single animal, a single plant matters to me. And the people that try to “save the Earth” should not be called arrogant. They are merely trying to establish a balance between what we destroy and what we can restore.

Love for Earth (picture credit)

So when we say “save the Earth”, we’re actually saving it from ourselves. We are in fact saving ourselves. If we look at Earth like a piece of rock with some silly things on the surface, then there’s no need to save it. But if we look at Earth like a complex organism, a network of living things, then yes – I will do as much as I can to save it and save life as we know it. So dear reader, believe in yourself. Though you may feel like a little Mouse, though you may feel that your actions can’t make a difference – always give your best. And you might just save the Lion. *♫♫♫*

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Carl Thomas

Carl Thomas

never looked on Earth topic with such a nice story. Very interesting Haidi, you have a great talent in writing.

1st March, 2012 @ 5:05 PM CEST

Denis Povh

Denis Povh

Awesoome story Haidi :) we should all be mice sometimes.

2nd March, 2012 @ 10:01 AM CEST

Maxwell Marfo

Maxwell Marfo

Geat one there. I love it.

2nd March, 2012 @ 2:06 PM CEST

Dharmesh Bhadja

Dharmesh Bhadja | Action team

simple way but effective confrontation... nice writings.

2nd March, 2012 @ 4:22 PM CEST

Isabella Torrealba Balzán

Isabella Torrealba Balzán

We must be part of the solution, I cannot agree more with you!
I really enjoy reading your writing! Well done!!

2nd March, 2012 @ 9:49 PM CEST

Foy Franklin

Foy Franklin

Brilliant Piece! I think Sustainable Development is the Key. We most take control of our individual and collective destiny.

3rd March, 2012 @ 10:26 AM CEST



Sure I believe in your work and we can only save the earth by acting sustainable without compromising.

4th March, 2012 @ 6:35 PM CEST

Samuel Duru

Samuel Duru | Action team

You are right, no matter how small we think our actions are, they could add up to historic and lasting positive changes. Anyone can make a difference.

5th March, 2012 @ 4:24 PM CEST

Julien AGBE

Julien AGBE

very good delivered haidi! i think we should cover one's weakness in life. this attitude will make our life soft and peaceful.

5th March, 2012 @ 5:56 PM CEST

Jatin Kataria

Jatin Kataria | Action team | CF Chapters

feel like a little Mouse, though you may feel that your actions can’t make a difference – always give your best. And you might just save the Lion

beautiful piece of writing .. its recharge boost for the people who are doing good for the world. .. every drop of effort matters .. its like attitude matters .. deep within i dont wanna feel that m not doing my part . . :)

thanks for sharing this article haidi .. u r awesome ..!!

6th March, 2012 @ 5:28 AM CEST

Syed Mehmood Kazmi

Syed Mehmood Kazmi | Action team

Great words. Wonderful article.

20th March, 2012 @ 5:38 PM CEST

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