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Weapons of mass destruction

by Stefan Alievikj on 17th November, 2011 at 3:26 AM CEST

After the Great World Wars, the world started to show its dedication to visual perception. If all events that built the reality through the centuries ended up being written in history books or books of fictions, in the last decades certain decadence happened. The postmodern ages showed their tendency to photography and videos. If something does not end up on photography it equals as if it had not happened at all.

Photography appears as very powerful and suggestive way to present reality. It’s a tool used by the mass media. The institutions of authority tend to use that suggestive power of the photography and to present certain events the way they prefer to present them. Abuse of photographic materials is every day thing and as a product, plenty of stereotypes are being born.

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In fact, in the last half century we are bombarded by the mass media with various manipulated stories of wars and conflicts. The critics furthermore explain that 9/11 was one of those manipulated stories. Mass media simply play with the authentic nature of the photography, but we should know - photography presents only fragments of reality, not the reality itself. We usually lack to question whether what we see on the TV is reality or false fiction!

The disposal of propaganda materials that fed up various ideologies in different part on Earth is by all means, dangerous weapon of mass destruction; leading step to many disasters (of the 9/11 type for example). The media anyway continue to spread the feelings of anxiety and uncanny in the air.

Susan Sontag in her study Regarding the pain of the others (2003) writes about these problems. She states that for a militant, identity is everything. All photography materials disposed in the newspapers are waiting to be described or manipulated by their titles. For Israelis Jew, a photography of kid killed in a bomb attack in the centre of Jerusalem is kid killed by Palestinian suicidal bomber. For Palestinian, photo of a kid killed in the Gaza District is kid killed by Israelis troupes. The mass media constantly play games with the photos they show off. That just heats up the anger and the hostility between the militants. Sontag writes: “Change the title of the photography and the death of the kid can be disposed”.

Each day we are victims of fabricated stories. Daily, these events motivate different people to make acts based on anger and revenge. Disasters caused by human factors became routine in the Middle East through the last decade. And I am sure that the mass media don’t even bother to show other pictures of The Middle East. I am sure that for example Iran and Iraq are having fantastic cultures that the public never get the chance to hear for. The West gets informed only for their daily conflicts.

So, next time when you will watch the news on your TV, will you watch the news with your eyes wide shut or your eyes wide open?

~ Stefan from Macedonia, Action Team #6 C:F Writer

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You are right on point Stefan, its so amazing when you tune in to some TV station only to be greeted by news of war, disasters, danger almost all the time. Then I wonder if "these countries will/has ever experienced PEACE"

Am not against them broadcasting such news, its okay if their major intent is to prepare and warn us of major catastrophes but if their aim is to warn us off some countries/geometric zones well, I for 1 will have to give them a big thumbs up because, they've succeed.

But, I know that most of the countries, states, cities, towns have some beautiful things that needs to be seen by the blindfolded people all over the world.


17th November, 2011 @ 10:06 AM CEST

Jovana Djurkovic

Jovana Djurkovic | Action team | CF Chapters

Well done Stefan :) mass media are sometimes influential on people's mood too.
Great video!

18th November, 2011 @ 7:57 PM CEST



Stefan very good but the media has the right to tell us the truth about what is happening all over the World but the problem is that bad news spread more like wild fire.

Most people tend to dwell on the bad rather than the good it is rather unfortunate.

19th November, 2011 @ 3:08 PM CEST

Stefan Alievikj

Stefan Alievikj | C:F staff

Yes, their right to present the truth is out of question. The point is, do they tell truthful facts? The mass media has become a massive network where informations are manipulated. They dispose the photography as type of information....
another thing is the amount of bad news... sometimes too much bad news give bad ideas to people...
what's more painful... we are no more touched by reports of wars, attacks... since they became every-day thing. It's like apathy, as many sociologists state. Small children play violent video games. They get happy if they win.. and the win is to kill more people in the game than the others. It's sad and up to no good... Mass media needs some limitation or change in the way they distribute informations. The study of Sontag I mention in the article numbers out how many times in the last 20 years let's say, video/photography materials has been disposed.. in the conflicts in the Middle East... in the conflict Bosnia-Serbia... Serbia-Croatia... it's simply awful what the media do.

19th November, 2011 @ 4:00 PM CEST

Stefan Alievikj

Stefan Alievikj | C:F staff

And all that, increases the rate of hostility between people

19th November, 2011 @ 4:00 PM CEST

Andrea Topić

Andrea Topić | Action team

Stefan I absolutely agree with you that there is abuse of mass media in order to present certain picture that someone wants to present. But I would like to emphasis that in Hitler's period there was no photos or mass media. He used the method of organizing meetings and it caused genocide that has never be seen. So statement that mass media can be weapon for mass destruction we need to take with caution.

7th January, 2012 @ 8:04 PM CEST

Jatin Kataria

Jatin Kataria | Action team | CF Chapters

u perfectly captured the root of the media.. thanks for sharing stefen.. even i realised the diff between reality & what we see..

Thats were d rol of citizen leadership comes in picture.. :)

13th January, 2012 @ 10:19 AM CEST

Stefan Alievikj

Stefan Alievikj | C:F staff

Yes, Hitler was a special case in the history/ today it's a different age, this is a problem of our age whose roots can be found in the beginning of the last century. THe civil war in Spain was the first documented war in the world.. Back in the day, it was the job of the photographer to record everything that was happening in the war field. In a way it was considered as an art. There are special collections of war pictures (various ones).... When the photograph helped the world? Since WxChtBw/Tb-w2yUwBYI/AAAAAAAAAA Y/S1VD3h20giA/s1600/vietnam-wa r-photo-napalm.jpg this photo was realised the American community raised against the war... It was the moment when American-Vietnam war was stopped...

5th April, 2012 @ 2:44 PM CEST

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