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Low Carbon Living

by Samuel Diri on 13th October, 2011 at 1:21 PM CEST

Life has never been easier. By dint of technological advancement, people can now do things which were impossible in the past. Motor vehicles help us commute; trains and airplanes even more so.

Technology really helps us, but in my opinion the use of it is sometimes too much. Here is one instance from my neighborhood: I saw my neighbour going to a local shop by motorcycle. And how far is her house from the shop? Only 250 meters! She only bought one pack of instant noodles and also got a plastic bag for free. Since she used her motorcycle, she needed the plastic bag because she couldn't hold the noodles while driving. So, the plastic bag with its carrying handler became the solution. If she had chosen to walk to the shop, she wouldn't have needed the plastic bag, as she could have carried the noodles in her hand.

Figure 1: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Biking (credit)

This little example shows that technology is sometimes inappropriate, and too much. We become dependent on it for simple tasks and worse, we become lazy.

Truly, we human beings consume enormous amounts of energy, drain water supplies, and devour food and resource in an unsustainable way. Humanity's total ecological footprint was estimated at close to two planet Earths - in other words, humanity uses ecological services almost twice as fast as Earth can renew them. This causes climate change, which is threatening human life with rising sea levels, storms, floods etc. Unequivocally, if we knowingly continue to live in a manner, which harms and jeopardizes planet Earth, soon all the goodness the Earth has to offer us will be devoured.

Nevertheless, the one word forecast for a greener future is: CHANGE. We must start making less polluting choices. Low-carbon living is the key to our future; it creates less carbon dioxide emissions. More so, reducing our carbon footprint will not only help the planet, but also improve the quality of our lives.

You can start now to calculate your current emissions, so you can see how much you save in a year––you’ll be surprised how well you do! To calculate your emissions use the Carbon Calculator.

However, on a practical note here are several tips for you to employ, the more people that adopt this thinking, the more we heal our green habitat–– the Earth:
• Plant deciduous trees to shade houses, since trees can remove fifty pounds of carbon from the air each year.
• Buy Smart: purchase energy efficient appliances that display the Energy Star Label.
• Turn off lights, televisions and other electronic devices when not in use.
• Walk, bike, carpool, and use mass transit, as well as limit travel by using communication technologies.
• Replace tungsten bulbs with energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs or compact light fixtures.
• Purchase a fuel-efficient car or alternative fuel vehicle, like fuel cell car, solar car, etc.
• Manage heating and cooling with timers and sensor controls.

Figure 2: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Buying Local Produce. (credit)

What lifestyle changes have you decided to adopt today in order to reduce your carbon footprints?

~ Samuel, C:F Writer Action Team #6

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Low carbon living can be achieved in many ways where public participation is most important.
Public should respond to different programs so that co2 is maintained in atmosphere.
* people should be aware of present topics an they should be educated so that they can give good response to different green programmes.
* secondly burn less fossil fuels so that carbon level can be checked directly.
-To gain above aspect people should go to short distances by walking or by bicycle.
- max use of public transport vehicle system especially in INDIA.
-sharing of ride .
- use of fuel efficient vehicles.
* third way is the use of alternatives which emit less carbon in atmosphere.
Different alyernatives are
- use of CNG instead of petrol or diesel . It is practiced i many countries of world including INDIA.
- use of biogas for cooking instead of LPG & LNG.
-producing electricity by renewable sources of energy like wind farms , solar panels , nuclear power plant, etc.
- use of various accessories before emitting industrial smoke like electrostatic precipitator, air scrubber, etc which converts smoke into less carbon content.

However there are various effects of more carbon content such as global warming , increase of water level in seas due to melting of polar ice capes and glaciers , etc.

However by following these methods lifestyle of people is changed. But this is the way people can live safely with less disasters,and many consequences.

14th October, 2011 @ 5:35 PM CEST

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