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In Your Shoes

by Mayank Rajput on 11th October, 2011 at 9:52 AM CEST

The world today is truly a global place as the physical boundaries are almost abolished by the advent of internet. Still the cultural differences persist but then they make our life beautiful as well otherwise things would have been so mundane. However it is very important that we realize that these differences exist because only then we will be able to truly appreciate and help others. This said i would like to urge you to look at things from other peoples perspective, Get In Their Shoes.

A Foreigner comes to your nation, he is expecting an enriching experience, some refreshment to his tired soul, knowledge about a new culture. He Doesn’t know your culture, the geography, the language and the traditions. So he is like a person on a treasure hunt working his way towards a treasure dependent on clues on the people he will meet on his way. The clues here are the already available info about your place on the internet and other mediums and the people here is YOU.

Now as possible in any Treasure hunt, YOU can either mislead the pursuer and direct him down to a miserable journey where he will curse the moment he decided to take up the journey or you can Help him find his destination, give him some support share some stories with him along his journey and make it a memorable one so that he will always cherish every moment he spend. 

When a tourist comes to your country he generally goes through one of these 2 experiences and that completely depend on YOU - the citizens of that nation, how you treat him on his journey. Charge obnoxious fares, give him wrong directions, play pranks on him, sell him things on price way higher than the standard ones and make his stay and pathetic one. 

Or you can tell him unexplored beautiful places which he couldn’t find on net, tell him the best food joints of your area, help him out with your regional knowledge in finding effective accommodation and commuting options and last but not the least share some genuine and warming smiles with him to make his journey a memorable one.

The Choice is yours and before taking you decision I ask You to Step into His Shoes

A Light of Hope is Couchsurfing! This is a mission where people from all across the world offer help to there global friends by providing them a home away from home and making this trips memorable.

So tell us you story - how do you connect with the people of another country when you are travelling? Immerse in their culture, recount a legend from another country or make a friend? We have a few ways here at Challenge:Future, and guess what ONE of them is a brand new Quick Challenge - Dive into it when it launches :)

~ Mayank, C:F Writer Action Team #6

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Jatin Kataria

Jatin Kataria | Action team | CF Chapters

In your shoes.. see things and experience with other's perspectives..

changing glass of understanding is always give you different kind of experience.. I met people from lot many country and i reallllllly enjoyed knowing about them, their culture, nature, life style..

that created lots of changes in my life as wel... even though i never met few people personally but we can feel that we have our own home there across the border.. :)

thanks CF for being bridge between lot many cultures.. :) ---

12th October, 2011 @ 7:45 AM CEST



Like your topic experience is always the best teacher.

12th October, 2011 @ 9:37 PM CEST

Arevik Hayrapetyan

Arevik Hayrapetyan

Travelling is the best way to broaden our mind and know lots of new things about our counterparts...

13th October, 2011 @ 3:03 PM CEST



I believe that meeting as much people as you can, talking with as much people as you can (not @ the same time), getting to know as much people as you can, giving as much people as can chance to express and explain themselves and above all loving as much people as you can is life's key thing.

Thank God for Social Media. The inventors of these social medias and techs understands that most peepz due to a thing or 2 ve been confiinded to their country so they made socialization possible. These has also help youths to explore vastly and immensely and Thoroughly.

14th October, 2011 @ 12:37 PM CEST

Mayank Rajput

Mayank Rajput | Action team

thanks guys for sharing your views on the topic :)

16th October, 2011 @ 2:43 AM CEST

Sandra Jekabsone

Sandra Jekabsone

Hey! Great article indeed. Reminded me of "old" good times while being part of international student organization, where I gained unforgettable experience in intercultural dialogues, saw the unseen culture differences, were able to bond with many students all over Europe and all in all it gave me much stronger knowledge of english language. If in high school I was sure that will never learn foreign languages more than the 2 i knew, then now i already speak 4 and am eager to learn more, its awesome. Thanks for the article. Great work @Mayank

17th October, 2011 @ 11:37 PM CEST

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