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Future of Learning

by Bistra Kumbaroska on 28th July, 2011 at 2:51 PM CEST

It was only few weeks ago when I came upon a famous quote by Albert Einstein saying “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Was he right?

Image by momomilk

John Dewey, the constructivist, stated "Education is not a preparation for life but is life itself.” So as we enter the second decade of a new millennium, students around the world at all age levels are finally realizing Dewey's philosophy. These young global citizens reveal not only the reality of our interconnected world but also the need for passion and results to drive learning. Knowledge acquisition will no longer be confined to large lecture halls and assigned papers. It will happen through peers and friends as much as through elders, globally and locally, and will result in actions that tackle problems facing the global economy and our planet.  

Educational technologies expert George Siemens evaluates the differences between the traditional schooling model and an ideal educational model based on personal preferences and student engagement. 

Is this new educational model the way kids will be schooled tomorrow or is it just wishful thinking?

Recently, the C:F Community promoted a survey on the future of management education. “We are concerned that currently business schools do not deliver the leaders we need.” – it said. I was concerned, too. I decided to take the survey and give my most precise answers. At the end, I didn’t feel like I did something big, but you know what? I felt like I did a small step to something big. C:F taught me this!

So, share with me your opinions on the future of college and education, and let’s continue building a community that has not forgotten the gift!

~ Bistra, the C:F Fun Intern 

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Batric Krvavac

Batric Krvavac

Hotspot :)

Generally, current education system is making us dull...
And any alternative is concerned to be a sort of heresy...

28th July, 2011 @ 3:20 PM CEST

Bistra Kumbaroska

Bistra Kumbaroska

Definitely a hotspot, Batric!
Also, check this out: =vk-aulXHymQ

Although related to US public schools only, I think it is applicable to other countries too :)

28th July, 2011 @ 5:41 PM CEST

Denitza Velcheva

Denitza Velcheva | Action team

Hey Bistra,

this video is so so universal! In every aspect! Especially about the "paralell systems". We actually have all the resources we need to change the slow-moving, boring exsisting school systems. We now need to put them together.

Educationally on a global level things may look deteriorating, but I have the feeling this is so, not because "HEY all of a sudden our schools don't work". No. On the countrary. It's because we found how out-of-school systems work (effectivelly and organically!). Only by comparing two results can we point fingers - this doesn't work / this works.

In this line of thought - the bad news is not so bad after all. The educational topic is such an endless area and so full of possibilities. I don't think I this comment box can be enough for me to even outline some of the main things that are in my head.

6th August, 2011 @ 4:05 PM CEST

Denitza Velcheva

Denitza Velcheva | Action team

sorry, the upper link doesn't work. Use this one: t/7838698807/we-may-all-be-bor n-equal-but-we-are-certainly-n ot

17th August, 2011 @ 9:26 AM CEST

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