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The Women of the World

by Jude & Dharmesh on 21st July, 2011 at 8:13 AM CEST recently reported about the so called “5 most dangerous places for women” based from six key risks: Sexual violence, non-sexual violence, cultural and religious beliefs, discrimination and lack of access to resources and human trafficking, and as you can see, all of the risks are part of the giving in for the self interests of some people.

Image source from eitywp

Here are some of the compiled heart shaking facts regarding this issue:

- About nine in 10 Afghan women are illiterate.
- In Somalia, where maternal mortality remains extraordinarily high, fewer than 10 percent of women give birth in a standard health facility.
- Some 100 million people in India, mostly girls and women, fall victim to trafficking. Female infanticide and “feticide” (referring to sex-selective abortion) are also widespread.
- One study estimated that 420,000 rapes occur over the course of a year in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
- Women in Pakistan earn about 80 percent less than men, and 90 percent of them experience domestic violence in their lifetimes.

Each country gives us different experiences in terms with how we deal with each other but contrary to that, those six key risks can already suffice the things needed in order to assess the countries based on what some of the people do. But primarily, we can really see from a bigger picture  that these kind of things are slowly rising because of gender inequality. UNICEF describes gender as the socially-constructed roles, rights and responsibilities that communities and societies consider appropriate for men and women. With that, we tend to assume about the shared duties of men and women with respect to the cultures that each country has. 

According to Amartya Sen (an Indian philosopher and economist /Nobel Prize awardee), there are 7 types of inequality:

(1) Mortality inequality
(2) Natality inequality 
(3) Basic facility inequality 
(4) Special opportunity inequality
(5) Professional inequality
(6) Ownership Inquality
(7) Household inequality

Those seven types usually revolve around the perceptions and what people usually send out to everyone in their society. These give rise to the thoughts about being in a male-dominated society, women being deprived from basic education and land on a good job with a good salary and many more things.

And before we end this article, let us all together watch this video from and let us reflect on how can a good life affect the lives of our women today and for the generations to come:

And not only that! The same organization and movement published this report about the problems of women and why we should pay attention to this pressing experiences for all of us: THE GIRL EFFECT DATA

Let’s create a sound discussion here. Let’s try to be open and be more aware about the current happenings around us, especially when it comes to women.

"The woman came out of a man’s rib. Not from his feet to be walked on. Not from his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved."

Jude & Dharmesh (C:F Writers, Action team #2)

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Jude Christoper  Roxas

Jude Christoper Roxas | Action team | CF Chapters

I was actually moved while we write this article. I can't stand a chance to read more details that are happening to the women of today. I was crying when making this. I believe you know the reason why.

I was actually thinking, will still be part of our lives by 2030? I am hoping not. And the best way to prevent that is to do something today.

21st July, 2011 @ 9:08 AM CEST

Jude Christoper  Roxas

Jude Christoper Roxas | Action team | CF Chapters

Love the women around you. Each of us do not really deserve to be treated like we don't exist. Spread love, care and respect, because it is through that where we can experience happiness. :)

21st July, 2011 @ 9:10 AM CEST

Jude Christoper  Roxas

Jude Christoper Roxas | Action team | CF Chapters

I don;t know what happened by i don't see the complete version of the article. I guess it has been edited too. Let me add the lacking things here:

Now to aid us in our discussions, allow me to open these topics for our Hot topic for this week:

1. Do we really need to pin point 5 countries and term it as the “most dangerous countries for women”? Basically, violence against women are almost everywhere. After having a quick chat with my friend, we discussed things about prostitution are still very much rampant in some countries for example, and you still can’t be a president here and there if you’re a woman.

2. Personally speaking, would you agree with what the survey showed to us?
3. Do you think that this problem will still exist in 2030?
4. After hearing many stories regarding this, to what extent do you think that your life will change in a good way?

21st July, 2011 @ 11:12 AM CEST

Jatin Kataria

Jatin Kataria | Action team | CF Chapters

Its very hard to understand dis naked truth of the world.. I know almost whole story of all - especially Congo ....

Imagine - we wanted to take initiatives for good cause but we are frustrated bcaz v r not getting enough support.. .then how these people are surviving...

I am glad to know that - Kambale Musavuli - running an biggest initiative of congo - http://www.friendsofthecongo.o rg/ (wen we were talking - i felt dat pain he is facing)

organisations like - ex.html
(i cried when i realised how this people are supporting african people to live life wid self esteem)

I must say thankssss to Ashie Hirji who is supporting african people - raising their voices and reaching everywhere...

Long back I already proposed CF to partner wid Ashie .. for her African initiatives and technology.

Thanks for bringing dis in front of d world.. !!

21st July, 2011 @ 1:27 PM CEST

reena kataria

reena kataria

ohh women are having so many problms ....he he he....

i m adding dt laughtr here coz its nt male dominating world n female having a lot problem coz of him...y u guys blame your self or society or system...

u knw y we suffer a lot ...just coz women not united....every women ll agree to me that we face d problem coz of women only...we dont need any organization any ngo any support actuly...we need respect n turst with other female wthr its mother sister sisterinlaw motherinlaw aunty daughter neighbour teacher friend or even just a strangr female....

women give birth to new life...she is near to god...."ved" says that women is four times powerful n intelignt that men...she is a step ahead in every aspect fm yrs but these days she is blasting coz of d frustratn pressed within fm years n thats y now she is similar n not ahead...technicaly she has step backd...

21st July, 2011 @ 3:49 PM CEST

reena kataria

reena kataria

let me giv u sm exmples....

1 - in some area of world women are still illiterate.....y?

cos her mother didnt allow her for school...there are solutn of evry thing...dt if dy dnt allow to go out dy cn learn fm home...if dy dnt allow co education dy cn hc seprat school n on...but if mother says that no matr wt my gal ll learn ...she wont b illiterate...

2 - faticide ....y it happn...its d mother herself allowing abortion or motherinlaw forcing to do ...or if they both wont do that...women from our so called society ll tont them for d whole life...whos resposibl...women only...if they stop talkin if they stop surrdring it wont happn..

3 - domestic violenc,rapes,trafiking.....i know we are not dt physical strong enough to fight with man ....but in every step other women part of this process....if its doemstic violenc...othr women directly or indirctly inovolv in rapes n trafikin dy r only helping man can do all this by himself...

there was one intrview n survey takin wt prostituts n most of them were saying they are here coz of othr women only n now if they choose to go home women only from family friends societly ll not accept them...

there was one girl in my area whose been family stood by her n she complaind in police...after that whereever she goes ...any social function any outing...inshort when she comes out of her home....people use to stare n ask...wt hapn hw hapn...n dy all were women...finaly that girl comited suiside...

what if other women show respect n salute d bravery if any female raise her voice to injustice in terms of anything...

21st July, 2011 @ 4:13 PM CEST

reena kataria

reena kataria

there is one movie in hindi "chakde india"...n there is one dialogue in that...

"u need a reason to keep girls united"..

when this ll happen...there ll b no problem in any home...girls ll b safe by all means....

21st July, 2011 @ 4:17 PM CEST

reena kataria

reena kataria r_and_daughter_doctor_heroes_h awa_abdi_deqo_mohamed.html

look at this video n think ...wt a single women cn do....

21st July, 2011 @ 4:20 PM CEST

Dharmesh Bhadja

Dharmesh Bhadja | Action team

@Jatin: good sharing. i have visited the link. It gives positive feel to be determined for more and more positive initiatives.

@ Reena: moved totally. Inspiring video of Doctors Hawa and Her daughter. really much to do in this area.

21st July, 2011 @ 4:54 PM CEST

Natalia Efimova

Natalia Efimova

oh...thank you, Challenge Future, for brining up an issue. Happy to know that organizations which can help women exist. The website is bookmarked.

28th July, 2011 @ 2:50 AM CEST

Nilayan Das Gupta

Nilayan Das Gupta

One of the major challenges facing the world on the path to holistic social development. In India alone there were 32000 murders, 19,000 rapes, 7500 dowry deaths and 36500 molestation cases. The atrocities meted out to women is really heart wrenching and deserves severe thoughts by a male dominated society and authority to counter and improve the plight of women as a whole.

5th August, 2011 @ 5:32 PM CEST

Mariam Serag

Mariam Serag | Action team

When the world start looking to women not as a property owned by males and fashion designers but as a human being who plays a primary role in making from this world a better place, things would change to the better definetely.

Greetings from Cairo :)

5th August, 2011 @ 6:05 PM CEST

Muhammad Jehangir Khan

Muhammad Jehangir Khan | Action team | CF Chapters

really nice thoughts.....

17th August, 2011 @ 11:26 AM CEST

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