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Sustainable from the roots

by Johanny Arilexis Perez Sierra on 28th June, 2011 at 2:14 AM CEST

“Sustainability is not an abstract concept, it´s a way of living and people need to integrate its meaning from personal perspective to whole life”. -Johanny Pérez Sierra


The world we live today is immersed in a really destructive and unstable situation. The risks we are facing include: poor food access and availability of water quality, pollution of the biosphere, disproportionate population growth, unsustainable economic systems, corrupt and undemocratic governments, natural resources exploitation, arms trafficking: illegals and humans, and among many others, show us that something is not right, that the journey WE, as humanity, are taking, deserves restructuring, to chart a new way to prevent what is already in sight, a global catastrophe.

Although all of these issues have been discussed since the formation of human societies, we see that increasingly, these are aggravated: resources are scarce while governments and "leaders" of the world attend to diplomatic meetings in order to help reducing the impacts that these problems could provoke. Meantime, what is left to others?, Do we wait for governments to act?, being viewers of how "powerful" distribute among themselves the resources of our planet?, of course, NOT! change is necessary, the formation of a movement of people, GLOCALLY, activists with clear concepts of what is a sustainable living.

It requires a global structural transformation, but starting from the individual, able to potentiate their leadership and transform themselves internally, and then, able to impact the lives of many others.

This change towards a world in balance, start from the person, from the depths of each individual through a series of steps to transform an entity to be a catalyst for positive action towards building a better world. These steps include to:

1. Analyze your purpose or goal in life to a world that increasingly threatens the survival of all species.

2. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses, to become positive transformation resources of humanity.

3. Strengthen your knowledge of philosophy to justify your actions ethically and morally to build a more cohesive society.

4. Reflect on your social, economic and political context (community), identifying the areas through which you can find opportunities for your development and subsequently cause lasting changes to society.

5. Design an inclusive strategy, through which your life may be available to serve others, this is what is called to have an inclusive and sustainable lifestyle .

6. ACT! probably the most important in creating a different world. There may be many people with great ideas and positive extraordinary leadership skills, however, everything must go hand in hand with a series of actions and attitudes towards a transformative plan for mankind, a plan, built on values ​​and vision to a more just society.

Sustainability is the answer to the global need for a transformation, the beginning of a movement of people aware and willing to forge a new paradigm in society.In this sense, we must begin with steps from within, from inside of each one, then, we can light up outside, which will be demonstrated in actions to build a world in balance and in keeping with the carrying capacity of our planet, that is to design a sustainable lifestyle.

Share with us what you're doing or suggest actions to do to build a sustainable world, starting from our own way of life? You may like to start, taking this quiz that shows some sustainable actions from personal habits. Let´s begin a sustainable lifestyle!!!

*Article inspired by The Five Core Principles of Sustainability: A New Framework by Michael Ben-Eli. Copyrights 2005, 2006.

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very interesting topic and to be able to act sustainable you should never quit but continue until you get your desired results.

28th June, 2011 @ 6:33 PM CEST

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