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World Peace

by Andjela Kadovic on 29th March, 2011 at 3:37 AM CEST

It’s 9:35 a.m. You are turning on television. The Breaking News ... “Riots broke out in the Balkans” ... “Martial law in Asian countries, terrorist attacks...” You’re watching it, but you realize you’re late for your daily routines and have to turn it off. Does any of us have in mind what the situation is like and how the people feel in the countries being at war? Have you ever felt this sort of life on your own skin? Hopefully not! The wars never end, actually… What happens, however? Have the wars become part of our everyday’s life?

I live in Montenegro in the Balkans, the war region. The Balkans and thus Montenegro owing to the strategic geographical position and high interests of powerful forces, were the target of the wars many times throughout the history. Let’s just mention The First and The Second World War and The Civil War in former Yugoslavia in 1990s, the consequences of which are still evident all around us.

Life is a big issue! So… Stop the wars! Think peacefully! Feel it, please! When will you stop considering and thinking about the people injured or killed as about the figures reported in The Breaking News? Ask yourself what could those people do on Earth if they were with us? Why were they the victims of the unfair, foolish and tragic politics?

Why, why…? Do you know the answers? I hope you do.

We are all aware of the consequences of the wars that is caused by faulty or policy of silly individuals. How to avoid any wars? In my opinion, the key for the changes is in the people’s hands. Only in their minds!. You can not expect much from the world politics if you, as an individual, do not act and cooperate with the society and the community. Today we live in more or less democratic systems. Therefore, nothing will happen on its own. We all should take over the things by our own hands... We can do it only if we unite ourselves!

So, it’s a high time to take the right key and lock out the door of the world peace:

  • Understanding: Once people start understanding each others, they will start developing high viewpoints to others.
  • Respect: Respect other people means to respect their character and culture. Just as the nice proverb says: If you respect others, others will respect you back.
  • Non-aggression: It is crystal clear that harsh speech and insulting words always bring quarrels and conflicts. To minimize such silly situations, people should avoid anger and hatred towards other religions, cultures, civilizations, states and countries.
  • Equality: It is the most important issue to understand. Being polite and behaving well with others never hurts. We are all humans! So, let’s behave as befits!

I personally think all of us at least once uttered the phrase "Yes, the world has really changed." Some people will say the technology has been developing very rapidly, the others the science has been progressing at the light speed. My guess is that the change has reflected in two major challenges: the first - a huge gap between the very poor and the very rich and, unfortunately, it is being continued or even increased, and the second - human rights and the state of the planet, which are a serious concern and require commitment. I honestly do not know what generally needs to be changed and advanced if we all, as a global nation, are not aware that the life of every man is limited and that we exist in this world with only one goal: to love and be loved. When you feel it, the rest comes naturally. People need to be aware of a physical departure of a man from the planet as major drawback for all national parks. Although it’s not known, on the other end of the world, he is still the man! Just as you are well! People are aware of it but what, unfortunately, they can do? What is it with us? We act as if we live in the world where the democracy is flourishing and the well-being never ends, and not in the world ruled by wars, misery, lies, corruption, social injustice, in which a huge number of people are unemployed, many of them can barely survive or live below the margin of poverty. We are angry, unhappy, humiliated, but do nothing to change the situation. No changes will take place just by themselves. We have to keep fighting for them, to win them. Let's go back to history. All major historical events in the world have been initiated by a group of people!

Oppose, be angry and keep fighting for what you believe in! Stand up for peace, social democracy in the world where politics is losing respect. Let each of us find a reason for rebellion. A priceless and valuable gift is when you are forced by anything just to get angry. You become a fighter then, very strong and highly dedicated and determined. You become part of a larger historical movement ... A movement that leads to greater justice and greater freedom and peace. Let me remind you of the indifference of the worst traits that makes a man lose one of the essential human features - ability to rebel and engage. Nevertheless, I hope that we will all join the forces in peaceful manners only, with no violence in our attempts to achieve the change.

Guess a nerve of today!.Let us be the Rebellions at last!

My objective is to make all of us realize: “I'm just an individual. I‘m not capable of doing it all, but I’m prepared to participate, and will do my best to contribute. Get involved! Do just what you can! Do your best! Be generous to serve other people! Take part in the changes you’re aiming to!

It’s. 9:35 a.m. You are turning on TV. They are showing The Breaking News. You are watching it and then calling the nearest help centre. Think peacefully! Learn Peace - Teach Peace!

~ Andjela, Montenegro (Action Team #2, C:F Writer)

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Juan  Amaya

Juan Amaya

I like this!!

if we think in peace, we go to act in peace. War does not lead to anything. However, we are living. I always ask me, How do you feel that person live in war? how I'll like to help this person, i feel bad when I watch at tv news about terrorist attack, i don't understand why there are people do this as if were normal.

Solution by war is the education of child in the home, there learning them the important that is life, and instead of destroying it, care it!!!!
=) =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

30th March, 2011 @ 2:10 AM CEST

Jovana Jungic

Jovana Jungic

Divno Anđela! Pozdrav iz Bosne ;)

30th March, 2011 @ 6:00 PM CEST

Andjela Kadovic

Andjela Kadovic | Action team

Juan, thank you! :) Also agree with you. :O)

30th March, 2011 @ 7:04 PM CEST

Andjela Kadovic

Andjela Kadovic | Action team

Jovana, hvala! :) Otpozdrav iz Crne Gore! :))

30th March, 2011 @ 7:04 PM CEST

İpek Kuran

İpek Kuran | Action team

I agree with you. Especially with your statement:

"I personally think all of us at least once uttered the phrase "Yes, the world has really changed." Some people will say the technology has been developing very rapidly, the others the science has been progressing at the light speed. My guess is that the change has reflected in two major challenges: the first - a huge gap between the very poor and the very rich and, unfortunately, it is being continued or even increased, and the second - human rights and the state of the planet, which are a serious concern and require commitment." and you are right:

Most of the people live in the illusion of technology which leads them not to think about other issues. Also they are blinded by the authority because they believe that the humanity take a really big step especially after the industrial revolution but they are not aware of that more than the half of the world is suffering from war, hunger etc... Thank you for pointing out the reality...

31st March, 2011 @ 10:40 AM CEST

Andjela Kadovic

Andjela Kadovic | Action team

Thank you Ipek! :) My aim is to draw attention on this everyday things, which most people are indiferent, unfortunately. :(

31st March, 2011 @ 4:14 PM CEST

Kliment Grozdanoski

Kliment Grozdanoski

Nice call,
But I think the only way of getting away from all those wars is by leaving behind the monetary system, which by many's opinion, is the main cause for all these wars (Profit!)

1st April, 2011 @ 12:15 AM CEST

İpek Kuran

İpek Kuran | Action team

Do we actually need money?? I think that's the question.The future of the world is in the hands of just small amount of people and what we need to do is just helping people to realize this and tell them they can create a better world with equally distributed resources. Otherwise they won't stop the wars and using ordinary people for their own purposes...

1st April, 2011 @ 10:15 PM CEST



we have to propagate ur message to each and every citizen of the world..everyone loves peace but we never try to get involved into the action team..most of the countries in the world are democratic but people never try to raise their voice..this makes the prime minister into its time now..raise ur voice..

1st April, 2011 @ 10:28 PM CEST

reena kataria

reena kataria

i was reading a book "shri krishn jivan darshan" by rev.pandurang shashtri n in that there is a conversation between lord krishna n arjun regarding d war of "mahabharat"....n there i read what problems can occur due to any war anywhere n i was shocked by reading all these..

my mother was living at "kutch" region at her childhood age...that place is border of india pakistan...she is brave person by all means but what she has faced at d time of war she still smtimes get scared of all that...beacuse of that war she has to be away from her friends who are now living in pakistan...after so many years still when she heard the voice of fighter plane she gets dam scared...i recall all we she n othre felt at that time...

what my point is war for whatever d reason wherever it happen it always left bad memories n distruction...

this can be helped by only one thing..

self respect for oneself n same respect for other...

as v ve same clor of blood al d religion says only one thing love others ...

other is not other but he is my devine brother

when people ll undrstnd n follow this i guess there ll b peace evrywhere automaticaly

2nd April, 2011 @ 9:44 AM CEST

İpek Kuran

İpek Kuran | Action team

Hey Reena, I am curious about that book and I wish all these could turn into reality...

2nd April, 2011 @ 10:46 AM CEST

reena kataria

reena kataria

hey dear..

there is english version of this book..."life span of lord krishna" by pandurang shashtri

if anyone need this book tell me address n i ll mail to u

its realy nice book

3rd April, 2011 @ 2:02 PM CEST

Andjela Kadovic

Andjela Kadovic | Action team

Thank you all for these beautiful and useful comments. I agree with you that ultimately we have to do something about war, but above all to be addressed world politics because the great forces hold all the strings in their hands ...

10th April, 2011 @ 7:46 AM CEST

Jatin Kataria

Jatin Kataria | Action team | CF Chapters

turly inspirational.. loved it

first para & last para is reallly reallyl great... we are here in dis world "to love & to beloved" hmmm.. very sweet... :)

Understading, respect, non aggresion & equality : classy

Think peacefuuly... learn peace & teach peace (amazing words dear)....

I really loved your article as words of dis articles is coming from your heart, .. I am going for South Asia Youth Conference (120 leaders of south asia region are meeting for PEACE) ...

I hope this kind of initiative like dis conference, yr articles, etc will reallly make diff in world... United we stand..

lots of love from India.. :)

19th May, 2011 @ 8:54 AM CEST

Lyuba Guerassimova

Lyuba Guerassimova

I love your article, Andjela, I can tell it comes from the heart :) I agree that individuals have to take on more responsibility for the world around them, even though it's really hard to overcome the fact that the death of one is a tragedy, while the death of a thousand (especially if far away) is merely a statistic. Even if we do not get "angry" at everything (I honestly don't think getting "angry" is the best solution - I often get angry but being angry just minimizes my potential of being an objective actor), we can still follow the two principles I deem most important for living in a more peaceful world:
- agreeing to disagree, i.e. respecting difference;
- nonviolence (non-aggression in your words).

We may talk about how bad it is that money runs the world, how bad it is that there are wars...but who starts the wars, who commits war crimes? It's often people who were ordinary human beings before the conflict. But the war game, in the face of power and violence, it changes everything. So I believe the first step comes from promoting peace education within society, within each and every society and each and every individual.

1st July, 2011 @ 12:16 PM CEST

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