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C:F Early Spring Break!

by C:F Team on 27th January, 2011 at 3:20 PM CEST

Yes, it’s only January, but the C:F Team is racing towards the future! We are all getting butterflies - extremely thrilled to bring you the magic on February 23rd, 2011 - the day our 2011 Competition launches.

For the magic to happen, we will need just about 3 days of total shutdown for the Challenge:Future web platform - and we sincerely hope you will be patient as we prepare the site for a complete overhaul - Evolution Baby!! Do take note of the times for our C:F Early Spring Break:

And during these 3 days we have loads to do... the ever-growing list consists of:

  1. Planting new seeds around C:F garden 
  2. Tweaking the colours of the banners 
  3. Testing the new magic potions on the servers 
  4. Coding and writing the upcoming C:F magic novel 
  5. Brainstorming on how to ignite fireflies 
  6. Picking strawberries and baking cookies 
  7. Migrating the entire toys and games database 

And the best part is, while we are having the Early Spring Break, the C:F Team will keep you constantly updated elsewhere in the universe...

So join us as we welcome the Early Spring Break! Just before we commence this three-day shutdown, we ask you to share - in the comments section below - your wildest hunch:

Guess: What Will Be the Competition Theme 2011?

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Jude Christoper  Roxas

Jude Christoper Roxas | Action team | CF Chapters

goodluck everyone! and yes! i am so excited. i am still wondering about the theme too. and i am sooo excited.

goodluck CF! and i love the images here! :D

28th January, 2011 @ 2:30 AM CEST

Aneeqa Tariq Sheikh

Aneeqa Tariq Sheikh

come back quick!! i miss you already!

28th January, 2011 @ 9:39 PM CEST

Maria del Rosario Chavez Lazarte

Maria del Rosario Chavez Lazarte

time is running very fast and every time the departure date is closer
we are ready!

17th February, 2011 @ 12:15 AM CEST

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