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Meet the speakers: Marta Kos Marko

by C:F Team on 21st April, 2010 at 12:53 PM CEST

With the Challenge:Future Summit fast approaching, it is time for another closer look at the Summit Agenda. One of the guest speakers at the Summit Boot Camp section will be Marta Kos Marko, a successful trainer, who will be help Summit attendees develop their presentation and communication skills.

Marta Kos Marko at the C:F Summit

What it takes to succeed: Developing Presentation and Communication Skills

Is it true that the first impression is everything? Can we spoil our appearance just by one wrong gesture? Can we be successful without knowing the basics about good presentation and communication skills? What are the most influencing elements we can use to improve our impact?

The knowledge is important, the personality is important, our competences are important. But that’s not enough to reach the excellent results. Everything is about how we influence. The truth is, when we want to make a good impression no detail is too small. No amount of the preparation is too much. No word choice is unimportant. The blouse we wear, the lipstick we use, the tie we put on – everything counts!

Is a good, passionate presentator born or made? A tough question - but everything is possible. We just have to know: how does it work? Therefore we have to learn it. As we learn a foreign language, as we learn how to behave and as we learn how do we solve the mathematical equation. Don’t count on the wrong attitude: “Oh, no problem, I will manage it somehow.”

It takes more to become a champion!

About Marta Kos Marko

Starting her career as a journalist at the sports section of the national television station she moved to Germany in 1990 to work for Deutsche Welle radio station in Cologne and in 1993 she became the first correspondent for RTV Slovenia in Germany.

She was appointed Director of the Republic of Slovenia’s Public Relations and media Office and government’s spokesperson in 1997. She was President of the EXPO National Counsel, responsible for all Slovenian appearances at the World expositions. She managed the communications program of informing the Slovene public about the European Union and Slovenia’s integration into the EU and also the communications program about Slovenia’s way into the NATO.

From 1999  to 2003 she worked at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. She started as a head of the President’s Office. In January 2000 she was appointed Vice-President, responsible for the international economic relations. Under her leadership CCIS started to develop help program for the Slovene Companies on the way into the EU. During her time CCIS also established a net of foreign chamber offices in Southeastern Europe (Belgrade-Serbia and Montenegro, Sarajevo-Bosnia and Herzegovina and Pristine-Kosovo).

In 2003 Marta joined Gustav Käser Training International Slovenia. Since then she’s been three times among top 5 trainers in the world, in 2007 she ranked Nr. 2. And in the 2008 and 209 Nr. 1.

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Zhikica Pagovski

Zhikica Pagovski | Action team | CF Chapters

we will have great speakers this summit!

26th April, 2010 @ 8:48 AM CEST

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