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2013 Google Online Marketing Challenge

on 5th May, 2013 at 6:25 AM CEST


ELIGIBILITY: The Challenge is open to student teams of three to six members, regardless of their majors. - All students must register under a verified professor/instructor at a higher education institution. - Student registration is open from February 12, 2013 to May 10, 2013 on the official page of the Challenge.   

awesome prizes, including a trip to Google for the students and their professor        

Competition Process

For more details on each of the steps, please refer to the sections on the left side of this page.

Step 1: Register for the Challenge. Professors register for the Challenge and are verified by Google. Students form teams of 3-6 members and appoint a team campaign. The team captain then registers under the verified professor, who in turn confirms each student team by clicking a verification link sent via email after the team registers. See Registration for more information.

Step 2: Create and Link AdWords Account. Once the professor has received a notification email and has verified the student team, the team can enter in the Customer ID (CID) of the AdWords account that the team creates at

Step 3: Select a Business. The team along with its professor should identify a client business or non-profit organization. See Selecting a Business for more details.

Step 4: Learn about AdWords and the Client. Review the Educational Resources and Digital Marketing Course. Student teams meet with the business or non-profit organization and determine the campaign goals and strategy, which is then included in the Pre-Campaign Report.

Step 5: Upload Pre-Campaign Reports and Credit AdWords Account. Once the student teams have uploaded their Pre-Campaign Reports, student teams request crediting within the dashboard. We will then verify and credit the associated AdWords account with US$250.

Step 6: Run Campaign. You may run your campaign over any three consecutive weeks from February 12, 2013 to June 14, 2013.

Step 7: Write and Submit Post-Campaign Report/Impact Statement. Your report must be submitted within four weeks of your AdWords campaign ending, but no later than June 14, 2013. If you chose a non-profit organization and wish to be eligible for the Social Impact Award, you must append an Impact Statement to your report.

Step 8: Google+ Social Media Marketing Award (Optional). Student teams that wish to be eligible for the Google+ Social Media Marketing Award should work with their business or non-profit to create and maintain a Google+ page (along with the AdWords campaign) for six consecutive weeks between February 12 and June 14, 2013. See Running a Campaign for more information.

Step 9: Judging and Awards. Google and a panel of independent academics from all over the world select the winning teams based on the success of their campaign and the quality of their competition reports. Winners will be announced to all participants in August 2013.      


The teams that develop and communicate the most successful campaigns, will receive a seven-night trip to San Francisco, including one day at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California to meet with Googlers from the AdWords, University Programs and Marketing teams.Each member of the top three teams will also win computing devices as well as other prizes.Winning teams will also receive donations of up to 15,000 USD for their non-profit partner.

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