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The Most Important Things Humans Need to Survive and Thrive in the Future

Ruben Papian*

Faith is the single most important thing for the survival of humankind. Faith is the engine of human existence and the most fundamental element of theworld. What is this faith?

Imagine yourself walking into a nightclub. Do you ever stop to think that it’s not the physical things such as bottles or the people that makes a club butrather the deafening beat of the music playing inside? When the music in the club changes, your thoughts, emotions and actions change with it. Now try to imagine that you ARE that club. The music, in that case, is your faith.

Our faith in society is substantive, and it works even without our consciously being aware of it. However, the human race is too young to understand deeply the essence of faith and the fundamental uses of it. In the past, people turned to more organized forms of belief called religion or cultural heritage. These forms of faith have made us unique and provided us with rich past. However, they have also brought the human race much strife and will continue to do so in the future.

The year 2030 will be an extremely turbulent time as the world is rapidly transforming. Economic, political, social and environmental challenges that are present today will continue to rage, forcing the world to mutate. This rapid change will lead to confusion. Humans will no longer know how toreact, whether to fend for themselves or simply to follow others.

This change is already happening, although most people do not see it. All existing systems of rules, regulations, economies, technologies, and sciences are already transforming into something new and as yet unknown. These newsystems cannot be established since the new values, upon which we will buildup the new systems, are not created yet. Human values today will start to lose their meanings as the world spins off its coordinates. What will be the new measurement of value? Will it be gold or water?

In time, the conflicted world will divide into two camps: the “old” humans who don’t want to think like the “new” people and the “new” humans who don’t want to live like the “old” people. The “old” people will hold onto what they treasure the most, their past, whereas the “new” people will ask themselves: How do we make all the clubs play the same music when there are walls between them?

As the “new” people find answers, a new era will get underway. This era will forego all the old systems and communicate the same faith across thenew world through a little thing called the Internet. This faith will save the human race and when it is here, it will work all by itself to accomplish that. With it, the new humans will embrace the new system based on new values and let go of their different pasts to work toward global peace and prosperity. This whole manifestation of faith won’t be complete until 2075

The basis of the new system will be a different understanding of human values. We will begin to recognize that when we come into this world, we cannot own the air, or the ground. Actually, it is quite the opposite: we are guests of the ground. Privacy as we know today will disappear. In addition, the“more is better” principle, which our current economic model is built upon,will completely collapse and make way for sustainable development basedon need instead of greed. Energy will be free since the technology advances of the future will enable us to utilize micro energy we generate ourselves tosupport our own energy needs.

And that’s not all. The next generation of technology will be greatly focused on bio-technology, using living cells to replace materials that were man-made for the purpose of making more profit today. Is this achievable? Yes. Don’t forget that nature is still adapting and changing. Biology is changing. Youare changing. Your genes are mutating and evolving. You think differently,but you don’t know it yet. Rest assured, living things are more malleable than you know.

The new sense of faith will completely change political priorities. There will be drastic political shifts such as the elimination of national borders. There will be uproars of protest against the fear that we will lose our cultures and our past. However, to be able to live in the future and not continue walking into self-destruction, we will need to adapt and transform our past. One ofthe biggest transformations to be observed will happen in Africa. When they erase their borders and unite for their freedom, their development potential is limitless.

Humanity will recognize its neutrality. The battle will be won in 2075 when there will be only one land called the Earth. Leave it up to faith to bring us there.


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Dan Croitoru

Dan Croitoru

Is this faith enough to lead us to the borderless 2075 Earth or should we take initiative and do something? "Nothing happens by itself. It all will come your way, once you understand that you have to make it come your way, by your own exertions." Ben Stein

27th August, 2010 @ 11:22 AM CEST

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We need the skills to identify the state of the world and our place in it, the courage to contribute to make it work better, and the elf-confidence to wait for it to work through the system.

Statement from the book by Matthias Eckert, managing partner, emc² consulting, dubai, u.a.e.

The ability to “back cast”and use the valuable lessons learned to constantly improve our future environment.

Statement from the book by Chen Sin Tan, Singapore

Looking from within our hearts, the essential is not visible to our eyes. What is visible is just the tip of the iceberg, while the rest of it can sink us. The invisible is found by feeling and understanding the ’big picture’ about the human race that we are part of.

Statement from the book by Tadeja Jere Lazanski, Professor and Vice Dean, Faculty of TourismStudies, University of Primorska, Slovenia

I would hope to see a caring society, both for the planet and its people, ledby people with social awareness, innovation, and flexibility skills.

Statement from the book by Lesley Long (C:F Mentor), faculty member, Glamorgan University, UK

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