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A Glance at 2030 from Challenge:Future

The future looks uncertain and I gaze upon it with trepidation about the multitude of challenges that will coincide and climax, such as energy shortages, arctic ice melting, and an exploding global population.

Veerappan Swaminathan, Singapore

The Earth will be round, the sun will shine, wars will stop raging, peace will triumph, humanity will progress, science will prevail: continuity. Organizations will be fluid, cancer cured, spirits free, cars electric, music universal, Africa sane, Kashmir shared, Mars visited (and found wanting), Ireland world cup holders (rugby!): change. Historiography illustrates that society evolves through a complex pattern of continuity and change. Futurists exaggerate the latter, conservatives dwell on the former, optimists are somewhere in between. My glass is half full.

Colin Egan (C:F Judge), faculty member, IEDC-Bled School of Management, Slovenia

The new trend, in opposition to separatism, will embrace the inhabitants of the Earth and unite them, as never before. Space tourism will no longer be science fiction, and nanotechnology will provide solutions to many diseases and environmental challenges. The world will start to build the future on the right foundations of sustainability.

Darko Mojsoski, Macedonia

The only certainty we can have about the future is the unreliability of our predictions. The pace at which online technologies are evolving, the growing success of social networks, and the explosion of digital information may baffle some, but they hold promising prospects for those who embrace them with diligent care. Innovation and passion, but also curiosity, integrity, and adaptability will undoubtedly be essential ingredients of that future.

John Peters, Joint Chief Executive, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, UK

Distances will be traveled faster, information will be exchanged easier, medicine will become more powerful. Nations will be more open to establishing relationships, as they will eventually find undeniable mutual benefits of cooperation. Humans will find themselves being more satisfied with life, as the general welfare will improve.

Vadims Pikarevskis, Latvia

I hope for a future where mankind will enjoy a sustainable living environment, and all major problems that exist in the current world will be resolved.

Chen Sin Tan, Singapore

For me personally, I plan to retire in 2030 when I turn 70. So will many others. The aging of the world will be one of the most important consequences of the future. It will impact society on many different levels. My organization, which is a university, will need to grapple with this demographic trend as well. People will desire and need education throughout their lives. The means of education will need to be accessible, appropriate to the changing times, and effective. The three essential skills needed to maneuver in the future are actually ancient ones: Discernment, Community, and especially... Love.

Mark Beattie (C:F Judge), Director of Distributive Learning, Gonzaga University, USA

Tourism in 2030 will integrate a more intensive adoption of interesting, amusing, and relaxing aspects of everyday world life on one side and astonishing virtual worlds on the other.

Dejan Križaj, lecturer/researcher, University of Primorska, Faculty of Tourism Studies,Portorož, Slovenia

In 2030, I hope to see a future in which the corporate world, governments, and global citizens are collectively active in reducing their impact on the environment, providing assistance to developing nations, and mitigating conflict. Environmental decisions will be inseparable from economic ones – we must see our future in these terms.

Shane Treeves, Australia

I do not expect technology to replace good managers, consultants, or trainers, but all of them should be aware of and use it effectively. I expect new ways of learning and communication and an increase in different service areas that we aren’t completely aware of yet. Technology walking arm-in-arm with humanity should be the winning combination.

Zvezdan Horvat (C:F Judge), Managing Director, Adizes Institute SEE, Serbia

Buildings and roads will be made from more advanced but still tough materials. Despite this, they will be thoroughly equipped with digital devices that will help with maintenance and notify of any problems with the structure.

Artjoms Vohmincevs, Latvia

As we saw from the Challenge:Future 2009 projects, technological advancements in the next twenty years will be significant and will have a profound effect on the delivery of education, especially tertiary education. Other equally significant issues will be the cost of property, challenges associated with preserving the environment, and changes in work/life balance.

Geoff Turner (C:F Judge), Professor, University of Nicosia, Cyprus

I'll be fine… as long as we don't run out of music.

Luka Zakrajšek (C:F platform developer), Slovenia

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Dan Croitoru

Dan Croitoru

I like everyone is positive about the future, and it should be like this. We are all striving to making our future better, so why not succeed? One thing is clear to me, however the future will look, it will be because of us.

26th August, 2010 @ 5:00 PM CEST

Jatin Kataria

Jatin Kataria | Action team | CF Chapters

Beauty of everyone thought is... POSITIVITY....
All are positive and sure about better future... :)

Agree with Dan, future will be because of us..

I believe, Once we have PURPOSE behind any initiative (once we have answer the question why we should do ____ and what is the deep impact and end result of _____, is result coming what we want by donig ______ ) -- real solution is with us

I believe that C:F, Youth Think Tank, is inviting everyone to make future better...

19th October, 2010 @ 3:25 PM CEST

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