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This book contains 43,414 words. If you spent half an hour a day reading it at average speed, it took you about 5 days. In these 5 days, 306km2 of rain forest have been destroyed, more than 400 animal and plant species have become extinct and 1,250,000m3 of polar ice cap has melted. The world has changed. Have you?

current edition: August 2010


Open innovation is not only a process and a way of thinking and problem-solving, it is also a way of living.

by Metka Ule Novak

Some people often pine for the “good old days.” Yes, there were some good days, but mostly they were restricted to the wealthy and the privileged.

by Donald J. Johnston

What a pity that I will not be fully active any more by then. My generation has missed the opportunities.

by Helmut F. Karner

Read. Participate. Shape your own Future.

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