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Mun Tha


Mun Tha

Lean muscular look is becoming very popular. Your body is toned and shaped and you look healthier and energetic. Weight loss always does not lead to fitness and people have to understand that. Fitness is about being confident of yourself and be energetic to carry out your activities smoothly. You have to follow a balanced diet and adopt healthy eating habits. Food products which have high fat content should not be taken. One has to make sure that they consume the proper amount of calories required to perform the activities and not take more than required which leads to saturated fat in the body. First determine your daily calorie intake and include food items in your diet in correct proportion so that it gives you that calorie count. You should select a diet according to your need like whether you want lean muscles or build heavy muscles or want flat belly. For building up muscles you will require a diet rich in protein and carbohydrate. Include food products like lean meat, eggs, fishes, fruits and vegetables, cereals, whole grains and other fiber rich products. Include items which have low glycolic index like spinach, cabbage, oats, barley, bran, etc. Low glycolic index products help to lose and control weight and help to have better control over diabetes. Beef and other meat products rich in fat should be avoided as they result in saturated fat in the body. Take proper meals during the day and do not overeat. Breakfast should be adequate and includes items rich in carbohydrate so that you get your required calories to start the day. Your meals should have all the adequate vitamins and minerals required by the body daily. Lunch should be adequate but not heavy. Dinner should be taken light because the body rests at night and you do not need calories at that time. droforce-x10

27th September, 2017 @ 8:41 AM CEST

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