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Kevin Milivoj


Kevin Milivoj

When a person undergoes hypnotism, he is set into Pro Test 180 exact state that occurs just a few minutes before he falls a sleep and a few minutes after he wakes up. It is a state where dreams and reality run into each other. It is in this condition where Pro Test 180 hypnosis trainer takes advantage of his client's state. It is Pro Test 180 perfect time where Pro Test 180 former incorporates new ideas to Pro Test 180 latter about Pro Test 180 weight-loss program. Pro Test 180 trainer then feeds his client with positive ideas like "I can change my eating habits," or "My weight loss program will be successful." This goes on until it is time for Pro Test 180 client to return to his conscious state of mind. t-180/

12th October, 2017 @ 3:07 PM CEST

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