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Best Way to Learn to Sing

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Best Way to Learn to Sing

Cady Heron


Cady Heron

Superior Singing Method Review Use this card to study the new words. Fold over the right hand column to hide the answers and you will have created one of the smallest, and most useful, flashcards you have ever seen. Using an index card like this will create about 20 flashcards on a single card. You can carry these with you wherever you go. Once you have filled up one card with words, get another one and begin the process all over again. Use these "flashcards" to study for a couple of minutes several times every day. Once you know all the words and phrases on a card, you can simply throw it or file it away. Standing in line at the store, in a taxi or a car, waiting for your teacher to arrive, waiting for your friends to join you, all of these minutes can add up to an excellent opportunity to increase your language skills. You will be surprised how those few extra minutes a day of review will help you expand your vocabulary very quickly.

This intermittent method of additional study, using just a few minutes at a time, will help you learn vocabulary more quickly and remember it long into the future simply by productively investing what would have been otherwise idle minutes.

If you have a computer you may take advantage of the Internet. Audio Flash Cards not only help in remembering new words, but when you click on them, the word is said, giving you practice in both remembering the word and hearing it being properly pronounced. A quick search of the Internet will give you numerous links to Audio Flash Cards; many of them are free.


Personal digital assistants (PDAs) are excellent tools for learning a new language. Similar to flash cards, you can use the Notepad function to make Flash Cards and Learning Cards. When you are out and about, and find yourself with a few extra minutes, you can put that time to use by reviewing the new words in your PDA flash cards.

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18th October, 2016 @ 10:50 AM CEST

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