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Steps to Manifesting Your Ideal Life

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Steps to Manifesting Your Ideal Life

jonita jeff


jonita jeff

Whether you are new to Metaphysics and the Law of Attraction or have been a master of your destiny for a long time, Mike Dooley provides the guidance we all need at many times in our manifesting development. I am a especially a fan of Dooley's Manifesting Change audio book. While listening to Dooley himself read, the listener gets all of the emotion and motivation intended by the author. Unlike many audio books read by their author, Dooley has a voice that carries the emotion and power you would expect when having a live conversation with him.


It's an understatement to say that we are faced with many challenges in this modern age such as pollution, overpopulation, Global Warming, war, racism, sexism, you name it we got it. However, it is not only my belief but also that of all the New Thought teachers throughout time, that when you stop focusing on the problem and start focusing on solutions, the problem disappears. This is where we come to the first tip for law of attraction users.

Would you like to know the real ancient secrets to manifesting money that few people ever discover ? Manifesting money is never bought hard work. If you find yourself overworking yourself struggling calmer feeling afraid, work in excess hours then you are not manifesting. You're simply working extra hard. Manifesting money or anything for that matter is about becoming magnetic. Magnetism is the most powerful key to the attraction process.

8th September, 2016 @ 1:03 PM CEST

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