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myths that surround women who wanna build body

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myths that surround women who wanna build body

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beila gr

Not a few women who have to think twice when they want to do weight training. But, the amount of information that is opposite on the internet about women's fitness would be confused. So, no wonder if a variety of myths and misunderstandings circulated widely in the community.

You also must be confused to distinguish which facts and which myth is not it? Here are some myths and misconceptions about common fitness women you find.
Exercise Myth 1: Raise Burdens Make a Muscular Girl Like a Man

We often hear this one info. It is true, women who do weightlifting routine on a regular basis will become stronger gradually, but that does not mean the physical looks like a man.

Women produce only a small amount of testosterone, a natural muscle-building hormone. In fact, women who have experienced lifting weights for years can not form large muscles like men, unless they use additional testosterone or other anabolic substances.

Weight training for women will help you to become stronger and build a slimmer body. By having a firmer physical, you can burn more calories. So, do not be afraid to lift the load, Ladies!
Exercise Myth 2: The Muscles Will Transform To Fat When You Stop Practicing

Like saying gold can turn into silver, this statement is certainly not true. With a good diet and proper rest, muscles will develop to respond to weight training that you do regularly through the process of hypertrophy. But, when you stop practicing the burden, there is the opposite thing called atrophy. In the process, muscle fibers do not magically transform into fat cells but muscle fibers become smaller.

Moreover, if you ignore the healthy diet and replace it with junk food, of course no wonder if more fat stacked in the body. Muscles that used to tighten to be sagging are the effects of changes in body composition (muscles become smaller and more stored fat), not because the muscle turns into fat. To keep your body, keep exercising and live a healthy diet.
Exercise Myth 3: You Must Train Your Feet Every Day To Form A Sexy Sexy

The sexy butt will make you more confident. But, that does not mean you have to train it every day. When doing weight training to build muscle and curves, pay attention to this rule: train the muscle hard, then pause 48-72 hours before rehearsing it to give him a chance to rest.

see also http://www.healthyguidesblog.c om/2015/10/the-beta-switch-rev iew-stubborn-fat.html designed for women who to burn fat and build body

Why? A hard workout in the gym is a stimulus for muscle development, while the actual muscle repair and building takes place the next day. That's where you need proper rest and nutrition. Without enough rest, your muscles have no chance to recover and thrive.

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