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Pavlik Mares


Pavlik Mares

Jet Pro X The decrease in the level of Jet Pro X affects all its target organs: The Brain by a: Decreased aggression and concentration Tendency to depression and insomnia, loss of self confidence, questioning ... Decreased or even disappearance of sexual desire and envy Decreased frequency of erections The Muscles by a: Decrease in volume Increased physical fatigue during exercise (risk of overtraining. Bones : By a reduction of the hematopoiesis (renewal in the bone marrow and a demineralization: The skin : Finer, more fragile, drier, more wrinkled The face : By a pale complexion, a dull look, the muscles of the cheeks relaxed, the fine lines at the corners of the lips and eyes, the dark circles.
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23rd April, 2018 @ 6:34 PM CEST

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