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Azmi Naz


Azmi Naz

Nutritional supplements target the areas of the body that need help, so when you are sleeping those areas get the rebuilding help that they need to improve function and strength For more information about natural treatments to help you overcome the symptoms of fibromyalgia, contact me by clicking on one of the links now! Are there any kinds of consequences to using sleeping aids, natural remedies and alternative treatments? Everyone knows that prescription and over-the-counter aids have real side effects such as nausea, dizziness, irritability and dependence but can sleeping aids, natural herbs and remedies have the same kinds of effects? Dependence on Sleep Remedies Whether you are using natural sleep aids or prescription aids anything that you do to fall asleep that is not part of the natural process might create a dependence It does not matter whether the product is natural or not You can be dependent on a herb, a special pillow or on having a set routine that you cannot do without That is definitely one of the long-term consequences of these aids Dependence on Supplements Long term use of things like melatonin and valerian can definitely cause dependence For instance Melatonin is a synthetic version of the hormone that is produced in the human body that is used to regulate our inner clocks, including our sleeping and waking cycles It has been used effectively to combat jet lag and also in helping shift workers get to sleep The bottom line with melatonin is that you can get so dependent on it that your body stops producing its own Melatonin is one of those sleep aids that cannot be used for a long time; it is recommended that you only use it for three months

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31st August, 2017 @ 9:20 AM CEST

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