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Jucak Zain


Jucak Zain

According to researchers, they do not have the exact cause for gestational diabetes during pregnancy. However, it is thought that hormones from the placenta play a role in developing gestational diabetes. It is said, the placental hormones may prevent insulin to act and therefore, lead to high blood sugar levels. Also, women who are overweight or those who do not follow a healthy lifestyle, may develop gestational diabetes. Women with a history or family of diabetics too may come under the riskOne does not normally look at the toilet bowl after they are done, but when one flushes the commode, one should really have a look. I'm not being gross, I'm just trying to explain to you the importance of doing that. Ones urine is a great indicator of ones health, did you know? Normal urine is either clear or slightly yellow and does not smell. -scam

7th January, 2017 @ 7:41 AM CEST

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