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bob mber


bob mber

Tacticlight 360
Okay, now think to when you last received one of the not-so-favorite products. Maybe it was an over-sized, home-made knit cap & scarf, made lovingly by Aunt Betty from left-over variegated yarn; or even simple casserole dish, through the friend who "loves to cook". I am aware the 1st year I was married, my husband proudly presented me along with a Lightstrike 360 Tactical Flashlight with regard to the Christmas current. Granted, it was a great flashlight (as far as flashlights go) and I told him I needed a light for my office, but this wasn't exactly things i had on your mind! Appliances and underwear are necessary items, however, as an individual gift, prevent them at all cost, lest you be deemed the "gift goober"! cticlight-360-pt/

7th February, 2017 @ 4:55 AM CEST

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