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Challenge:Future is a community that believes in better world for all. Sounds cliché? Well, in Challenge:Future everything is about its members, about the people. Please meet some of our members, to get the picture!

Muhd. Ibnur Rashad, Singapore

In a time when most of us think of finishing school or getting a secure and well paid job, there are few people who dream big and have a goal greater then themselves: to change the world. It isn’t probably the first time you hear this but I believe it is one of the few when achievements and impact made go together with a big heart and will to work for a better world. He is a great man. Even though he tends not to regard himself as such, the moment you get to know him you realize that always actions and what you do speak thousands of time louder than first impression. If you listen to him, you immediately notice the respect and humbleness despite the fact that what he does makes him a giant: “In Singapore we are very grateful for whatever little we have and I’m very grateful for this opportunity to share the little I know.”Did you know the words humility and human come from the word humus which means soil?One of his purpose in life is connecting the people with each other and to connect people with the land. One of his latest developments and the star of the moment is the iBam, a bamboo speaker that amplifies sound without any electronic parts. iBam 2 has just been launched with “half the size but double the sound” as Ibnur mentioned in his TEDxBled talk. Want to get to know him more? Feel free to send him a message.

Adamma Umeofia, Nigeria

Aiming for the impossible, Adamma is a Nigerian girl who devoted her life to rebranding Africa's slums. This is what keeps her going everyday. Rejected in the architecture school of her dreams, she ended up in a school where she started learning architecture and design in an unorthodox way which in turn, aided her to think outside the box and thus, create the project WeBuilt: Africa. She joined Challenge:Future on 10 March 2011, with a vision to share her idea with global youth and compete for the Main Award. Among 653 competitors from 80 countries, she reached the grand finals and eventually, won the prize of 20.000 eur together with another project from Russia. She says “Without Challenge: Future, I would simply not be where I am now. Every stage of the competition most definitely challenged me to better refine my idea into its current, ever evolving state and I am well beyond grateful that after so many sleepless nights, I eventually emerged a winner. More than just winning, being a part of the Challenge Future community itself has put me in contact with so many change makers in our world today and for that, I will be forever grateful.“ Feel like you want to meet her? Don’t hesitate! Join us and send her a message right now!

Jatin Kataria, India

Why is he amazing? Because he has been multi-tasking all his life, fighting on different fields, for one purpose – better life.

  1. 1. Currently started with one dream project: Indo – Pak friendship project
  2. 2. Attended more than 50 conference as delegate, invitee or speaker
  3. 3. Organized 1 state level & 2 national level technical events
  4. 4. Prepared 2 movies “through our mirror image” and “citizen leadership”
  5. 5. Organized Climate leadership training programs
  6. 6. Organized Blood donation camps
  7. 7. Organized Tree plantations campaigns
  8. 8. Organized Aids awareness rely
  9. 9. Organized Dewarming tablets distribution to migrant workers & children (approx 40000 people)
  10. 10. Adopted 2 municipal schools
  11. 11. Organized Wake up India regional competition
  12. 12. Training to:
  13.    a. Teachers (government)
  14.    b. Institutes
  15. 13. Panel member is lot many social and business forum
  16. 14. Organizer of educational initiative called M tradyog – to bridge gap between industry and academia
  17. 15. Content writing for lot many events and initiatives
Wish to know more about Jatin? Post a personal message to his profile, and trust me, he will reply in no time!

Hayley Lapalme, Canada

Hayley Lapalme grew up in the Canadian outdoors, paddling canoes and playing tag in the forest near her home in Waterloo, Ontario.She is deeply involved in an environmental organization called My Sustainable Canada. She works as a researcher and facilitator advancing the sustainability of our food systems. Hayley says that food should represent a cultural aspect, nurishment, to be about the land. Nowadays, food comes from a system that creates global inequality, that creates sickness and environmental degradation. Our food system is letting us down. She got started on this work because as she says in her TEDxBled speech: „I eat food every day and I care about where it comes from, how it’s grown, and the people who are growing it.” Get to know her more! She is amazing!

Francis Xavier Asiimwe, Uganda

He is famous for his favorite claim, saying “Do not seek only for your personal comfort, let humanity grow with you.” He was born during a time when Uganda was going through a violent conflict situation that culminated into the relative stability the country enjoys currently. His entire early childhood was a constant attempt to beat the odds and survive. Urban poverty and hunger presents larger food security challenges than perceived in mainstream policy making. Francis’s life is dedicated to identifying and eliminating hunger and dependence on food aid.He and his team have a mission to deliver easy, fun, practical, do-it-yourself agricultural and socio-economic skills to the targeted 6,000 Karimajong youths pastoralists aged between 13-30years (living in 60 homesteads) using locally created video content over an initial period of 24 months. Over direct contact, youth volunteers use Solar Kits to deliver the above skills to untrained Karimojong youths and existing agricultural extension workers using interactive video content. “C:F to me represents the biggest opportunity we have had to share our experiences with the world. Feedback from the extensive virtual network has enabled us redesign parts of our outreach strategy in order to create bigger impact.”Meet Francis and learn more about his project!

Antoaneta Ivanova, Macedonia

She is too modest to present herself, but too outspoken when it comes to Challenge:Future. She knows all natural beauties of her country Macedonia and has seen the natural beauties of more than 40 countries worldwide. Crossing borders, coming back home, obtaining visas, finding scholarships, and fighting unemployment are the main pillars of her expertise. In a developing country where travelling was only reserved for the highest classes, she created Mladi Info and offered a path for global break-through of Macedonian youth!Her thing is: change! Not the world - yourself.Contact Antoaneta here!

Sachi Bansal, India

She views life as art – in every possible way. Soon starting her studies in film making, Sachi will develop in the sphere she always wanted the most – movie-making. But her approach is not simply to make movies on screen. She is a person who makes movies out of reality. She re-creates the reality by adding value and beauty with her work and existence. She will never be forgotten by 500 slum children from India who learned to appreciate life differently and gained literacy.Together with Apoorva and Anuraag, they created one of the grand finalists projects for the Main Competition 2012 named DIA – Desire, Innovate and Achieve. Using a three dimensional interactive platform they imparted knowledge and audio-visual methods for teaching underprivileged kids. Meet Sachi!

Maris Slezins, Latvia

Maris Slezins comes from Riga, the capital city of Latvia and is a true example of making the impact and leading change by giving the personal example. Maris started as a street boy, a hooligan, who has been discovered by a coach who changed his life. He didn’t only change his own but the life of other 17.000 people in three years in Latvia when he founded the Street Workout organization. “I like to see people blooming with positive emotions. If am I actually capable of creating them, that is my biggest motivation.” Learn more about Maris's initiative!

JohannyArilexis Perez, Costa Rica

Coming from a humble family and a single mother, Johanny learnt the value of sacrifices and persistence since early age. She grew up in a neighborhood with middle to low income families, with gravel roads, common woody houses and flooding when rain events. In 2007, she receives a scholarship to study Agriculture at EARTH University, one of the two granted applicants from the Caribbean at that moment. To conclude her education, she developed a Graduation Project on sustaining linkages between agro industries and communities for a sustainable management of organic wastes in a rural community from Costa Rica engaging different decision makers; this initiative was awarded as one of the two that best represented the 5 core principles of sustainability by The Sustainability Laboratories in 2010. She is currently studying in Stuttgart, at the International Postgraduate Studies in Water Technologies! Meet Johanny and enjoy her company!

Magdalena Slowinska, Poland

Since she remembersher perception of life was always full of curiosity, meaning and depth and from early years she’s been interested in politics, creativity, psychology, philosophy and spirituality. Learning a lot and experiencing a lot made her very susceptible to social but also environmental injustice. Being inspired by HH Dalai Lama, she actually won the Quick challenge “My msg to Dalai Lama” meeting him at Out-of-the-Box Conference in Maribor. “I grew up in the 80’s,” she says, “into a communist country of Poland where oranges, meat and chocolate were special treats obtainable with ration cards.” Todayshe applies one of the most powerful innovation tools ever, which is the Ideal Final Result created by a Russian inventor GenrichAltshuller. In 10 years technology will further improve and as an expert in innovative education she sees herself as a change-maker but also a peace-maker. For her, Challenge Future is a path and direction for inspiring people to think, network, develop 21st century skills (especially global community skills) and express their best potential in order to grow. “It works brilliantly because of its creators and contributors who are examples to follow and who through their motivation and talent stimulate others and inspire positive change. A perfect model of social innovation,” she adds. Meet Magdalena!

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