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Go Ahead and Be A Fool

19th January, 2016 by CF Team ft. Vladimir Nikolic
in C:F actions > Tip of the Week

Still not following Growr on Facebook? You are one click away from the BEST TIPS for life or career...

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Weekly hot topic

The Greatest Mentor Is Life Itself

7th February, 2016 by Tilen Kodrin
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Life is a very tough teacher, and I fully agree with the saying that life is unfair, it really is, but think for a moment ......

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It's A New Day

30th January, 2016 @ 7:14 PM CEST by Stefan Alijevikj in C:F news > Global News

Creative visualization is better than daydreaming

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Wake Up

23rd January, 2016 by Tilen Kodrin
in C:F news > Global News

Is to go with the flow really all I can do and want to do in my life, or am I daring enough to change ......

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2015 in a nutshell

20th December, 2015 by CF Team
in C:F news > Global News

What 2015 meant for CF, and also for the world?...

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CF Event: Outreach Program to a School in Cebu, The Philippines

19th October, 2015 by Danna Joyce Chavez
in C:F news > Events

CF-er Danna Joyce Chavez reports how she has used her 100$ prize to conduct an activity that ignites the local community....

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Vision 2050 — One community to author the next C:F Future Book

28th September, 2015 by Nubi Kay
in C:F news > The Future Book

Announcement from Nubi Kay', Director of C:F Future Book 2015/16...

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