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The Promises of Change

19th June, 2014 by Udoka Chiefe
in C:F actions > Tip of the Week

Udoka from Nigeria challenges you to think: "Have we really made any real progress as women?"...

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Weekly hot topic

Yes, We Are Generation Lost

10th June, 2014 by Jatin Kataria
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I thought so many times that why the topic of “generation y is lost generation” is coming in centre at discussion point of big official ......

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Contest: Mr. & Miss Popular Lohanas

28th July, 2014 @ 8:57 PM CEST by CF Team in C:F news > Global News

Hitesh is connecting CF with one of the leading business communities in India, Lohanas International. As he is doing wonders over social media, let's give him our support!

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CF Ambassadors from Bangladesh will cycle across Europe

10th July, 2014 by Abdullah Tahir Chowdhury
in C:F news > Global News

They will start from Copenhagen and will have their stops in Hamburg, Dresden and Prague, before they finish their route in Vienna! Eager to meet ......

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Hitesh, the new Chapter VP for Local Representatives Network is here!

25th June, 2014 by CF Team
in C:F news > Global News

He shouts: "Guys, gear up to show the world that we as a CF Family can Make changes in many life. So get started to ......

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Community Voices Karachi:"Let's give peace a chance!"

24th June, 2014 by Muhammad Ammad
in C:F news > Global News

CF Pakistan Chapter is loud and clear: Let's give peace a chance!! "The terrorist attack on the Jinnah international airport could hammer the aviation industry ......

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Community Voices: CF-ers share their outlooks on recent developments

1st June, 2014 by CF Team
in C:F news > Global News

From the floods in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia to Soma accident in Turkey and the peak of tension in the country; this is ......

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