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Working with Challenge:Future global youth community just got easy. Use Growr to find a mentor or just become one yourself!
There are only 18 Tuesdays until the end of this year, and each Tuesday we are publishing one TIP of the week on Challenge:Future and Growr Facebook site
Winning shot form Hugging Action - C:F turned FIVE years young in heart
Gjorgi Azariashvili from Georgia wins 'We can survive in resource depleted world' Quick Advanced Challenge

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A challenge from the Editorial Board of Challenge:Future: Let's recall some dream images of our urban environments in the future!
Salute winners of "We can survive in resource depleted world"!!!
We play, we work, we reach milestones, and we also celebrate! See featured winners from C:F celebration month this September!

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In September,a group of exceptional youth will come together with educators, business and political leaders to explore global agenda and ignite business growth at C:F Summit 2013

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The CF Hall of Fame celebrates the schools that have demonstrated a real commitment to supporting their students to seek out and gain real-world experience to complement their ...

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Many of you are probably doing great but this story is for those who are still thinking let’s-do-something and thinking and thinking..!


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