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Giving a quick analysis on world’s headlines and news today, you will see that ...

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challenge: global news - New Quick Expert Challenge Launched 11.11.2016 at C:F
The fourth member of the C:F Virtual Marketplace comes from Prishtina, Kosovo. Read our short interview with her.
A storyteller, digital illustrator and an animator-in-training, you must love this guy - it's JC Roxas!

C:F Summit

In September,a group of exceptional youth will come together with educators, business and political leaders to explore global agenda and ignite business growth at C:F Summit 2013

C:F Events

C:F President Stefan Alijevikj, and C:F LR Ilija Najdov, both from Macedonia, attended FATE 2016 Summit on the 28th and 29th April, 2016 in Paris, France

C:F Chapters

Special workshop hosted in India on the topic of environment conversation


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