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How should cities change

In the last several years the world observes a massive human displacement, in fact, the largest one since WWII. Unrest and conflicts have been one of ...

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Few major events shook the world in the recent period. Stefan from Macedonia shares his thoughts with us.
What happens with our planet and our cities if all the ice goes melting... here are some projections
Let's reflect and see the Future:challenger of 2017 with brand new eyes!

C:F Summit

In September,a group of exceptional youth will come together with educators, business and political leaders to explore global agenda and ignite business growth at C:F Summit 2013

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C:F President Stefan Alijevikj, and C:F LR Ilija Najdov, both from Macedonia, attended FATE 2016 Summit on the 28th and 29th April, 2016 in Paris, France

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Special workshop hosted in India on the topic of environment conversation


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